How To Get Wild Iva In Rumble Heroes + Tips & Guide!

Wild Iva is a recently added new legendary hero in Rumble Heroes mobile game. She has a unique ability using which she can penetrate an enemy with her weapon to deal damage to all enemies behind the target in a linear direction. Not only this but she can also inflict Poison status effect to enemies by jumping in the air and performing an attack. If you haven’t yet unlocked Wild Iva or looking for a guide on the best way to use her then you have come to the right place. In this post i will tell you everything you need to know about Wild Iva┬áin Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Wild Iva Guide

If you are looking for a hero who is greatly capable of dealing with enemies at regions like Land of Ghosts and Crimson Castle then Wild Iva could be a good choice for you. Although at Land of Ghosts, the enemies don’t deal any debuffs but they get really strong as you reach higher stages. In that case Wild Iva can help you take down enemies more faster by dealing poison debuff.

rumble heroes wild iva

Crimson Castle is much more harder because the enemies there inflict Bleed status effect with their attacks, which makes your heroes lose HP quite fast. Not only that but they are also immune to Bleed status effect. In this case also a hero like Wild Iva can be really helpful.

However an important thing you need to know is that you must use Wild Iva together with other poison status effect dealing heroes, if you want to use her in the best and most effective way. If she is the only poison dealing hero in the team then she won’t be much effective and might even struggle to survive.

Now let’s check out her two skills. The first one is “Track Prey” in which she attacks with her weapon to penetrate an enemy. The weapon then keeps travelling in a linear direction to deal damage to all enemies behind the target. So although she targets only one enemy with her weapon but the weapon then targets multiple enemies, which is just amazing.

rumble heroes wild iva tips

This basic attack with weapon is not the only thing she does using Track Prey skill. She also jumps into the air and performs an additional attack, inflicting poison to the target. Though this is the only move she can use to inflict poison in enemies. Even in her second skill she doesn’t inflict poison.

When you upgrade Wild Iva to level 20 and upgrade this skill to two stars, she gains the ability to attack an additional enemy with the lowest HP. To unlock the full potential of this skill you need to upgrade her to level 40 because she then becomes able to target even more enemies with her weapon.

Her second skill is “Roar” in which she harnesses the power of nature to boost the attack speed of all heroes in the team. However this increased ASPD will gradually decrease over time. She can also be a good substitute for Dancer Maya (who is not really a good attacker). So if you have been using Dancer Maya till now then it might be better to replace her with Wild Iva because she is a much better attacker.

wild iva rumble heroes

As soon as you upgrade Iva to level 30, she gains the ability to also Stun targets who are inflicted with poison debuff. This upgrade is actually really powerful! Note that it doesn’t matter if the enemies are poisoned with Wild Iva’s own skill or by any other hero, they all will get stunned in any case.

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Once you upgrade Iva to level 50, you will unlock Roar skill level 2. This upgrade will reduce the cooldown time of the skill which means she will be able to boost attack speed and also stun enemies more frequently. At this stage you will have unlocked the full potential of Wild Iva which means you can’t afford to keep her outside of your team.

How To Get Wild Iva In Rumble Heroes

So you can see how useful Wild Iva’s skills are. However in order to take advantage of her unique skills you obviously need to unlock her first. She was only obtainable from Rumble Pass during her release where you had two ways to get her. You could either purchase the premium pass to get 50 Wild Iva Shards right away or grind the pass to unlock Iva on reaching level 50 in the pass.

rumble heroes how to get wild iva

Once you unlock Wild Iva using any of the two (or both) ways mentioned above, she then starts to appear at Pub. You could then get more of her shards from Pub to be able to upgrade her. However if you couldn’t unlock her while she was available from the pass, you won’t see her appear in your Pub.

If you are reading this post then most probably Wild Iva is no longer obtainable from Rumble Pass as each pass is available for 30 days only. Right now there is no way to obtain a hero featured in previous passes. I hope they would soon implement a way to obtain such heroes in the game. If you don’t have Wild Iva then all you can do is just wait for such an implementation by developers.

Rumble Heroes Wild Iva Tips

Here are some tips which will help you to use Wild Iva in the most effective way in Rumble Heroes. By keeping the tips mentioned below in mind you will be able to use her in the most advantageous way. So let’s check out those tips.

1. Most heroes in the game are either good for Bosses (single enemy) or good against a group of enemies. There are very few heroes who are good at both and can be used in both situations. Luckily Wild Iva is one of those fewer ones and thus you can use her in both situations.

2. If you like to play Village Defense mode then make sure Wild Iva is one of the 4 heroes you get to choose at the beginning of the challenge. It’s extremely helpful to have her in the team from the beginning instead of depending upon RNG to get her during the actual game.

3. She is most effective when used with heroes like Feather Corbin, Backpack Chico, Dr. Forge and Brave Uva. So try to include these heroes in the team when using Wild Iva.

So this is how to get Wild Iva and everything you need to know about her in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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