How To Get Gems In Rumble Heroes (Best Ways)!

Gems are the main and also the most valuable currency in Rumble Heroes mobile game. They can be used for purchasing a variety of items like Gold, Rift Boosters, Village Defense Tickets, Dungeon Maps and more. So you can see that the more gems you have, more stronger you can get and also faster you can progress in the game. However a lot of players have no idea about how to get gems in the game. If you are also one of those then you don’t need to worry anymore. In this post i won’t only tell you how to get gems but also the best way to get gems in Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Free Gems In Rumble Heroes

Before learning about the best ways to get gems first let’s learn about all the ways using which you can get gems in Rumble Heroes. It would be best (and also recommended) if you can use all the below mentioned ways regularly because this way you will be able to get the most number of gems for free.

rumble heroes gems

However if you don’t have enough time to implement all these methods everyday then that’s fine as well. In this post i will also tell you about the best ways to get gems in the game. If you only use these “best ways” even then you will be able to get enough gems for free over time. So now first let’s check out all the ways using which you can get gems in Rumble Heroes.

1. The first and also the most easiest way to get some gems every day for free is to complete your daily quests. You can access them by tapping on the button at right column with a feather writing on a paper icon. These quests are really basic ones and you can complete them even during your normal daily gameplay.

rumble heroes how to get gems

You will get 12 quests every day and completing each quest gives you 10-20 points. These include tasks like opening Treasure Chests, recruit 1 time from pub, level up a hero 1 time, challenge dungeons 2 times, play Tower of Trials 1 time etc. You must collect 100 points everyday to claim the last daily quest chest and get 10 gems as a reward from it.

2. The second way to get gems are the Weekly Quests and they can be accessed from the tab at the bottom of daily quest screen. These tasks require more time and effort to complete than daily quests. Therefore you get 7 days to complete these quests so that you could get enough points to claim all weekly quest chests.

The good thing is that if you are a regular player then you can easily complete all weekly quests in just 4-5 days. The more you play the game daily, faster you can collect points for weekly quest chests. These quests also give you 10-20 points for completing a quest. Make sure to claim the last weekly quest chest to get 30 gems every week for free.

3. Another great way to get some quick gems is by playing at Tower of Trials. Although you don’t get gems from each tower but you can get 5 gems after every few towers you clear and they add up over time. Clearing these Towers requires your heroes to be leveled up enough because the difficulty keeps increasing as you move up the towers. So focus on leveling up your heroes to be able to clear more towers and get more free gems.

how to get gems in rumble heroes

Note that there are four towers in this mode which are Tower of Trials, Tower of Wisdom, Tower of Agility and Tower of Strength. Each tower opens only on specific days, which is mentioned underneath each tower. However all towers are open on Sundays. Most importantly, you can only use some specific heroes at each tower. You can’t just take your most strongest heroes and clear all four towers. So these are the things you need to keep in mind about these towers.

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4. You can also participate in Village Defense Infinite mode to get free gold and gems as ranking rewards. If you manage to survive long enough, you can get up to 25 gems and 700 gold each week. So focus on leveling up as many heroes as you can because in Village Defense mode you need to use a lot of heroes.

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5. Just like Village Defense mode, Rift challenge also has ranking rewards. The more Rift stages you clear each week, higher will be your rank and thus more gems you will be able to get. If you manage to get the top rank then you can get 25 gems, 30 Reroll Ticket for Rift Challenge and 1,000 gold. However your heroes need to be really powerful to achieve top rankings. Most free to play players manage to secure a rank between ranks 21-100.

rumble heroes rift ranking

Best Way To Get Gems In Rumble Heroes

After learning about different ways to get gems now it’s time to learn about the best way to get gems in Rumble Heroes. According to me there are two best ways to get free gems in Rumble Heroes. If you don’t want to invest a lot of time every day then use only these two methods and you will be able to get hundreds or even thousands of gems over time. So let’s check out what are those two ways.

1. The first best way to get free gems in the game are daily quests. The reason is because they are not only quick and easy to complete but you can also get up to 3 dungeon maps every day by collecting 100 points. These dungeon maps are really valuable as they don’t just give you more gold but also give you a great chance to get Crimson Ore.

Although Crimson Ore is not an extremely rare item but you need a lot of them in order to increase your troop size to 10 heroes. So if you regularly complete your daily quests then you won’t only get free gems but also gradually keep progressing towards becoming more powerful in the game.

rumble heroes best way to get gems

2. Another best way to get free gems is to play the Village Defense Infinite mode. The great thing about it is that you need to play it only once each week in order to get ranked. Make sure to try your best and protect the Guardian Statue for as long as possible in that one time you play. Securing a higher rank in this mode is surprisingly easy, probably because a lot of strong players don’t participate in it.

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So this is how to get gems as well as the best way to get gems in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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