Rumble Heroes Advanced Dismantling Materials, Armory & Exchange Guide!

Advanced Dismantling Materials are a mysterious item for a lot of players in Rumble Heroes mobile game. Most players have no idea about what to do with these advanced material or how to use them. You might have some quantity of these advanced dismantling lying in your bag and occupying space with no use at all. If you too are confused with this item and have no idea about where to spend them then don’t worry anymore. In this post i will tell you what to do with Advanced Dismantling Materials, about Armory, Exchange and everything else you need to know about them in Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Dismantling Materials

There are two types of Dismantling Materials available in the game right now. The first one is Normal Dismantling Materials and the other one is Advanced Dismantling Materials. If you check the descriptions of these items in your bag then both of them mention that they can be exchanged to various weapons at the Armory.

rumble heroes advanced dismantling materials

The other thing you can learn about both these items from their descriptions is that they can be obtained by dismantling specific types of equipment. You can obtain Normal Dismantling Materials by dismantling normal equipment which can be identified by grey, blue and pink color backgrounds.

On the other hand, Advanced Dismantling Materials can be obtained by dismantling rare equipment. Currently there are only two types of rare equipment available in the game which are normal legendary equipment and T1 legendary equipment. Both these legendary equipment can be identified by their orange background color.

rumble heroes advanced material

When you check out my Rumble Heroes equipment guide you will learn that these legendary equipment with orange background are currently the most strongest equipment available in the game. The reason is because they have more number of sub stats due to which you instantly gain a lot of power on equipping them. That’s why these equipment are a little rare and hard to obtain.

Rumble Heroes Armory

As mentioned in the descriptions of both dismantling materials, you need to exchange them at Armory in order to obtain different weapons and equipment. There are some players who have no idea about where is armory in the game. Is it a special spot in the game where you can find a vendor to exchange materials with? Well, that’s actually right. Just continue reading below to learn full details about it.

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Armory is a specific spot in the game where you can find a vendor with whom you can exchange dismantling materials. It can be identified by “Exchange” mentioned underneath the vendor. Another important thing you need to know is that there are multiple armory spots in the game and you will automatically unlock them as you unlock further areas of the map.

In the image below you can find the locations of all armory spots at Rumble Island. You will notice that each of them are located really close to teleport spots. So the fastest way to reach any of the armory is to simply open the map and tap on the teleport spot in that area.

rumble heroes dismantling materials

However the most important thing you need to know about them is that each Armory requires a different quantity of dismantling materials. Basically farther the armory is located on the map, more dismantling materials it requires for each exchange. Below you can learn exactly how many dismantling materials are required at each armory at Rumble Island.

  • Contaminated Forest Armory – 20 Dismantling Materials needed
  • Land of The Dead Armory – 25 Dismantling Materials needed
  • Valley of Terror Armory – 30 Dismantling Materials needed
  • Beginning Village Armory – 35 Dismantling Materials needed

Note that a lot of players wonder how to unlock the last armory located at Beginning Village. So let me tell you that it can be unlocked only after defeating Hell Dinosaur who is the last boss at Rumble Island. It won’t be unlocked just by unlocking and exploring the full map at the island.

rumble heroes armory

You might be thinking about why each armory requires a different amount of dismantling materials. Does the expensive ones have a higher chance to give you legendary equipment? Well, unfortunately that doesn’t seems to be the case. In my own testing and according to several other players, all armory give you the same type of equipment. So it’s not clear why some of them ask for more materials than others.

How To Use Advanced Dismantling Materials In Rumble Island

So as you learnt above that you need to visit an armory in order to use or exchange dismantling materials. But you might have noticed that whenever you visit any of the above mentioned armory, none of them seems to accept Advanced Dismantling Materials. All of them only ask for Normal Dismantling Materials.

So where is the vendor for Advanced Dismantling Materials? Does exchanging advanced dismantling materials requires a special armory which is hidden and different than the earlier mentioned ones? If you are also confused by these questions then let me tell you that right now it’s not possible to exchange it in the game. For now it’s recommended to dismantle your unwanted legendary equipment to get advanced materials and then keep them in your bag.

If you are wondering about the use of advanced dismantling materials then i believe that it will most probably be used to obtain legendary equipment or T2 equipment. Currently you can only get normal or T1 equipment but i am sure that soon T2 (Tier 2) equipment will also be released in the game, as new harder locations are released. I also believe that there will be separate vendor or armory for exchanging Advanced Dismantling Materials and that armory could be located at upcoming new harder locations. So be prepared for it!

advanced dismantling materials rumble heroes

So i hope now you know everything about Advanced Dismantling Materials and Armory in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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