What Does Camp Do In Rumble Heroes + Best Place To Camp!

Camp is one of the most useful and important feature in Rumble Heroes mobile game. It can be unlocked from Training Ground soon after reaching Troop Level 7 which means this feature is available at early game to all players. Unfortunately even after unlocking it early, a lot of players have no idea about what does camp do and where to camp. If you are one of those players then you don’t need to worry anymore. In this post i am going to tell you everything about camp function as well as the best camp or best place to camp in Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Camp Function

Before learning about camp spot it’s important to learn about what does camp do. So first let’s learn about that and then i will show you how to set up the best camp. Camp is basically an auto farm feature which allows you to automatically kill monsters and farm resources like lumber, food and ore at any specific area. You can activate Camp by tapping on the Camp button at bottom right corner of the screen.

rumble heroes camp

On activating Camp you will notice the game camera zoom out a bit to lure more enemies towards you. This way the enemies who were a little farther from you and not visible on the screen earlier will also come to attack you and thus you will be able to get more food by killing more monsters.

However being able to kill enemies from farther areas is not the only benefit of Camp. You also get the option to convert your camp into a Premium Camp by tapping on “Upgrade Camp” button and then watching an ad. When you have premium camp activated you will get 200% EXP by killing monsters. Not only this but your allies will also respawn 10 seconds faster which is a really useful advantage. Last but not the least, your maximum resource storage capacity is also increased by 50%.

rumble heroes what does camp do

Due to all the above mentioned advantages it is highly recommended to always set up a premium Camp. Note that each ad watch gives you only 30 minutes of premium camp time. Once the 30 minutes are over, your premium camp will turn back to normal camp and you will stop getting premium advantages. So keep an eye on the premium timer and be ready to activate the premium again by watching another ad.

If your Troop Level is low and you want to level up faster then Camping is the fastest way to do it. However note that you can Camp for only 60 minutes per day so make sure all those 60 minutes are spent as a premium camp and not the basic camp. So i hope now you know what does camp do and how it is different from regular auto farming.

Best Place To Camp In Rumble Heroes

After learning everything about Camp function, now it’s time to learn about where to camp. Since you can Camp basically anywhere (except the safe regions) in the game therefore a lot of players wonder about the best place to camp. So now i will tell you how to find the best camp place as well as also show you my own best camp spot.

Before placing the Camp you should make sure that the area has a lot of monsters to kill. Other than that you should also try to make sure the area has a lot of trees and some Ore deposits as well. This way you won’t only get food/meat to upgrade your heroes but also get a lot of lumber and ore. These two points are the basic things which you should keep in mind while placing the Camp.

However the most important thing is to always place the Camp close to the latest place you have unlocked. So for example if you have unlocked the map up to Shadow Forest then you should try to Camp at a suitable spot at Shadow Forest. The reason is because this way you will get maximum EXP by killing enemies and thus level up faster. The closer you camp to the latest place unlocked, more EXP you will get and the farther you go from that place, less EXP you will get.

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However the enemies at newly unlocked locations will be generally more stronger than you. So if your heroes are not yet strong enough then you should camp at earlier locations. Therefore your current power is another important thing to keep in mind while placing the Camp. There is no point in camping at higher locations if you keep dying frequently from the horde of enemies.

Now i am going to show you the best place to camp in Rumble Heroes. This is the most popular camp spot and it is used by all top level players of the game. This spot lies close to the end of the map so you will need to unlock the full map in order to Camp here. At this spot you will find a huge number of monsters to kill as well as a lot of trees and blue ore deposits. You can check this spot in the image below together with it’s location on map.

rumble heroes best place to camp

Since this location lies at the end map of Rumble Island therefore it is recommended to have at least 45,000 power in order to Camp here successfully. If your power is less than that, no worries just keep moving back from this location until you find a spot where you are able to camp without dying frequently. Below you can check the location of the above mentioned best camping spot on map.

rumble heroes where to camp

So i hope now you know what does camp do and also where to camp in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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