How To Beat Hell Dinosaur In Rumble Heroes + Best Team & Tips!

Hell Dinosaur is the last boss you will encounter at Rumble Island in Rumble Heroes mobile game. You need to defeat him for completing the last mission at the island. Once you have done that you will be able to unlock Land of Ghosts location where you can defeat new bosses to obtain Ghost Sword relic. A lot of players struggle while fighting this Dinosaur because his attacks deal a lot of damage and even 1 hit kill you. If you don’t play with the right team and if your heroes are not strong enough then you will be defeated very quickly. If you are also struggling to beat this boss then don’t worry anymore. In this post i won’t only tell you how to beat Hell Dinosaur but also share 2 best teams to use against him. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Hell Dinosaur

Before learning about defeating Hell Dinosaur, first let’s get to know about his attack types and other important details. As mentioned earlier, he is the last boss who is located at the very end of the map. So you will need to unlock all locations at Rumble Island in order to encounter this Dinosaur boss.

Hell Dinosaur uses 3 types of attacks. His first attack is the basic attack in which he blows three fireballs at a time towards you and then stops for a couple of seconds before blowing again. The fireballs strike you quite fast and since they don’t deal a huge amount of damage, there is no point in trying to avoid them . So it’s better to stay at a place and take this time to attack the dinosaur instead of running around and waste time. There is also the risk of aggroing other enemies around so it’s better to take this time for attacking the boss.

rumble heroes hell dinosaur

In the second type of attack he blows just a single fireball at a specific spot on the ground (underneath you). You will be able to see where the fireball is going to land and you also get some time to move away from the spot. It’s highly recommended to always move away to avoid this attack since it can one hit kill all the allies who get caught inside it’s range.

rumble heroes how to beat hell dinosaur

In the third and last type of attack he blows a really huge fire which covers an extremely large area of the land in 180 degrees, either in front or back of him. Allies getting caught in this attack’s range have absolutely no chance to survive. Therefore make sure to keep an eye on this attack and try to escape it at all cost.

How To Beat Hell Dinosaur In Rumble Heroes

After learning about all his attack mechanics, now it’s time to learn exactly how to beat Hell Dinosaur. The key to defeat this huge boss is to form a really strong team consisting of some specific heroes. I am going to share two best teams to use against Hell Dinosaur. You can use any of these teams to defeat him. I will also explain you the reason for including the specific heroes in each team. So below you can check the 1st team i recommend using for defeating Hell Dinosaur.

  • Tiger Cara
  • Big-Sickle Jennifer
  • Ego Sword Polly
  • Shadow Isaac
  • Skull Pop

The reason i have formed a team using all these heroes is because all of them inflict “Bleed” using their attacks and skills. Bleed is a status effect which makes an enemy receive damage every second from bleeding. If bleed stacks 3 times, it deals n% of the current HP as damage. So basically if you include all the above mentioned heroes in your team then they will quickly drain out the HP of Hell Dinosaur making you beat him easily. Now let’s check out the 2nd team which you can use against Hell Dinosaur.

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  • Blind Matilda
  • Canon Waldo
  • Boomerang Ray
  • Elemental Lisa
  • Mystery Potion

The specialty of these heroes is that all of them inflict “Burn” status effect which is another deadly effect like bleed. The burnt enemy (in this case Hell Dinosaur) receives damage every second. If the burn status effect stacks 3 times, it deals immediate damage to enemies nearby the target. So these two are the best teams for beating Hell Dinosaur. Try using any of these teams against him and see the result yourself.

Rumble Heroes Hell Dinosaur Tips

Here are some additional tips which might help you to defeat Hell Dinosaur. Make sure to utilize them if you are still unable to beat him using above mentioned two teams.

1. Unfortunately there is no teleport spot anywhere close to Hell Dinosaur. This makes you lose a lot of HP in the path while reaching him as it’s full of monsters. The last teleport spot is at Northern Outpost which is also a bit far from him. So you should first setup a return portal close to Hell Dinosaur and then use it to arrive at dinosaur’s spot. This way your heroes will have almost full HP before encountering the dinosaur and they will survive much longer.

rumble heroes dinosaur

2. While using the bleed or burn team, if your hero and allies keep dying quickly while fighting Hell Dinosaur then you should stop trying and focus on upgrading your heroes first. Take some time to Farm Gold and use it to make your team more stronger by upgrading them with hero shards obtained from pub.

3. Another great way to quickly gain a lot of power is to add a new hero to your team. For this you will need to unlock an upgrade called “Number of troops” at Training Ground using Crimson Ore. If you don’t have enough crimson ore then make sure to check out my Crimson Ore guide where i have shown you different ways to get this red ore in the game.

4. It is also really helpful to add a Healer to your team. This way your heroes will keep healing to survive longer and deal more damage. Forest Vanessa, Nurse Ivy and Holy Mace Paul are greatest healers to include in your team.

rumble heroes last boss

5. If you don’t have all bleed or burn heroes then you can try to include some Tank heroes like Heavy Armor Humphry and Shotgun Gupi who can take a lot of damage. This way they will provide a kind of shield to damage dealers to deal damage and not die faster.

6. You can also try to equip your Guardian Statue with equipment which give you Lifesteal stat. If you have a good enough percentage of this stat then you will be able to steal Hell Dinosaur’s HP to heal yourself by dealing him damage.

rumble heroes lifesteal

So this is how to beat Hell Dinosaur in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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