How To Get Crimson Ore In Rumble Heroes (5 Ways To Get Red Gem/Crystals)!

Crimson Ore is a rare and extremely important resource in Rumble Heroes mobile game. Some players also call it as red crystal, red gem or red ore because of it’s red color. It is required for leveling up Crimson level in Training Ground at “Beginning Village” to unlock various powerful upgrades. Other than unlocking the upgrades this “red crystal” can also help you increase your number of troops, which is probably the best thing you could wish for in this game. However most players have no idea about how to get Crimson Ore. If you are one of those players then don’t worry. In this post i am going to tell you 5 ways to get it as well as everything you need to know about Crimson Ore in Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Crimson Ore Guide

Before learning about how to get this red gem, first let’s quickly learn some important details about it. If you are one of those few players who have no idea about Crimson Ore or where to use it, then let me tell you that it can be spent inside Training Ground at Beginning Village location.

rumble heroes crimson ore

Inside the Training ground you will find two columns of upgrades. These upgrades unlock according to your current Troop Level. The left side column contains upgrades for only two stats which are HP & ATK. You can easily upgrade these two stats using Ore (also known as Blue Ore). Even though it might take a little bit of time to farm this ore but it’s definitely not really hard to get.

The right side column is where you will need to spend Crimson Ore. This red ore is probably the most difficult item to get in the game and the reason this red gem is so rare is because the upgrades obtained through this ore are quite powerful. Below you can learn about all the upgrades you can get using Crimson Ore.

  • Return – Return function activation (1 time)
  • Camp – Camp function activation (1 time)
  • Number of Troops – Max number of troops +1
  • CRIT – All Hero CRIT Rate +2%
  • EVA – All Hero EVA Rate +2%
  • ATK – All Hero Damage +5%
  • HP – All Hero HP +5%

So you can see that by unlocking these upgrades you can increase your critical rate to deal great damage, increase your HP, Damage as well as evasion rate which makes your enemies miss their hits. However the most important one is the “Number of Troops” which allows you to include 1 more hero in your team.

How To Get Crimson Ore In Rumble Heroes

Looking at the above upgrades you can understand how useful Crimson Ore is in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG game. That is the reason developers have made it a little hard or grindy to obtain. There are very limited ways to get Crimson Ore in the game and i am going to tell you about each of them so that you could use the ones you prefer (although i highly recommend using all of them). Currently there are 5 ways to get Crimson Ore in the game and below you can learn about all of them.

1. The first place where you can get Crimson Ore is from wild dungeons. You can find these dungeons as you reach new locations during your adventure. These dungeons have three to four floors and you will need to beat all enemies at each floor to claim your reward after defeating a boss at the last floor. Note that you will get to explore only few dungeons at each location and each dungeon can be cleared only once.

rumble heroes how to get crimson ore

After clearing a wild dungeon you can get Gold, Equipment and Crimson Ore as rewards. But let me tell you that Crimson Ore is not a guaranteed reward so you won’t get it from each dungeon you clear. Below you can find the location of a dungeon at “Valley of Terror” from where i got a Crimson Ore. So you are guaranteed to get a red ore from the dungeon shown in the map below.

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rumble heroes how to get red gem

2. Dungeon Maps are another one of the best ways to get Crimson Ore in the game. In order to use these maps you need to visit “Dungeon Portal” at Beginning Village location. There you can access various types of dungeons by using specific dungeon maps. You can obtain these dungeon maps from daily quest chests, from shop (under “Map” section), Events and from dungeons themselves. All dungeons accessed through Dungeon Portal vary in difficulty and rewards. Below you can learn about all dungeon maps which can be used at the portal together with available difficulties for each dungeon.

rumble heroes red crystal

  • Abandoned Labyrinth Map – Used to enter Abandoned Labyrinth dungeons (Normal & Hard)
  • Desert of Despair Map – Used to enter Desert of Despair dungeons (Normal, Hard & Hell)
  • Dark Forest Map – Used to enter Dark Forest dungeons (Normal & Hard)
  • Slime Habitat Map – Used to enter Slime Habitat dungeon
  • Blood Red Prison Map – Used to enter Blood Red Prison dungeon (Hell)
  • Treasure Storage Map – Used to enter Goblin’s Secret Warehouse
  • Abyss Cave Map – Used to enter Abyss Cave dungeons (Normal, Hard & Hell)

On selecting any of these maps through the portal you will be able to see obtainable rewards. Except Slime Habitat all the above mentioned dungeons have a chance to give you Crimson Ore, irrespective of the dungeon difficulty. So you have the same chance of getting a red crystal from normal, hard and hell difficulty dungeons. The great thing is that the drop rate is not that bad so you can expect to get enough red ores by clearing these dungeons regularly.

3. The third way to get this red gem is from Rift Exchange. You can unlock Rift challenge after reaching Troop Level 40 in the game. In this mode you can obtain a resource called “Crimson Rift Stone” by exploring the Rift. You can then exchange these stones at Exchange section for different heroes and other items.

rumble heroes red gem

The items in Exchange store unlock according to the stages you clear in Rift challenge. In order to unlock Crimson Ore in the Exchange store you will need to clear Rift Stage 10. After that you will be able to get 1 Crimson Ore using 300 Crimson Rift Stone from Rift exchange every week. You can also increase the amount of Crimson Rift Stone obtained from the Rift by adding a Rift Booster before entering the Rift.

4. The next way to get this red gem is to participate in limited time special events. The game regularly keeps releasing new events which allow you to get various rewards like legendary heroes, dungeon maps, gold and also Crimson Ore. It’s highly recommended to participate in these events as they provide you the easiest way to get all these important items.

rumble heroes red ore

5. The last way to get Crimson Ore is to buy limited time special offer packs. These offers appear on reaching higher troop levels such as level 30, level 40 etc. These packs are worth x4 value and contain a specific number of Crimson Ore, Gold, Ore and Gems. Note that these packs are available for limited time only and are also quite expensive to get. So it’s up to you if you want to purchase them or not.

how to get crimson ore in rumble heroes

So this is how to get Crimson Ore or red crystal in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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