How To Get Saint Grace In Rumble Heroes + Tips & Guide!

Saint Grace is a new legendary hero added in a recent update in Rumble Heroes mobile game. She is currently one of the best healers available in the game. She doesn’t only heals allies but also has a unique ability to revive a most recently killed hero. Other than these she also has some unique and extraordinary skills which i will discuss soon in this post. If you haven’t yet unlocked Saint Grace or looking for a guide on the best way to use her then you have come to the right place. In this post i will tell you everything you need to know about Saint Grace in Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Saint Grace Guide

If you struggle to survive while fighting a horde of enemies at new regions and your heroes keep getting killed frequently then it’s time to include a hero like Saint Grace in your team. It’s actually highly recommended to include at least 1 healer in your team if you don’t want to keep wasting time in watching ads frequently in order to revive your team.

rumble heroes saint grace

There are many healers available in the game which you can include in your team like Forest Vanessa, Nurse Ivy, Holy Mace Paul and Backpack Chico (at Mysterious Potion level 2 skill). However right now the best of them all is Saint Grace. I recommend you to use any of the mentioned healers only till you haven’t obtained Saint Grace hero. But once you have unlocked and leveled her up to at least level 10, you should replace any healer in your team with Saint Grace.

Now let’s check out the reasons which make Saint Grace one of the best healer in Rumble Heroes Adventure RPG. In order to know that you need to examine her two skills. The first one is “Redemption” skill using which she heals allies instead of performing a basic attack. Other than that she also periodically recovers the HP of two allies using this skill.

saint grace rumble heroes

The great thing is that once you upgrade this Redemption skill to two stars by leveling her to level 20, she also unlocks the ability to purge status effects while using this skill. This ability is extremely helpful at regions like Poisonous Marsh and Crimson Castle where the enemies can inflict poison and bleed status effects respectively. Using her level 1 Redemption skill Saint Grace can easily purge these effects from your heroes.

Once you upgrade her to level 40 you will unlock her level 2 Redemption skill which allows her to recover the HP of three allies instead of two. However if you are totally free to play then it might take you a little long to upgrade her to level 40 since you will need to get a lot of her shards from pub.

Her other skill “Renewing Light” is the most unique skill in the game because it allows Saint Grace to instantly revive a most recently killed hero. So first you will greatly reduce the chance of your heroes getting defeated using her Redemption skill and even if any of your ally is defeated he will be back up instantly using Renewing Light skill! This is a really OP skill and Saint Grace is the only hero available in the game with such an ability.

rumble heroes renewing light

The great thing is that once you unlock level 1 Renewing Light on reaching level 30 she will be able to revive two most recently killed heroes, which is incredible! Not only this but she also gains the ability to increase the HP of revived allies when you upgrade her to level 50 and unlock Renewing Light level 2 skill.

How To Get Saint Grace In Rumble Heroes

So you can see how powerful Saint Grace’s skills are. She makes the heroes in your team almost immortal or at least makes it really hard for them to die. In order to take advantage of her unique skill you obviously need to unlock her first. Due to her extremely powerful skills, it’s actually not that easy to get her. There are only two ways available in the game right now using which you can get Saint Grace. Below you can learn about both these ways.

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1. The first and also the fastest way to get Saint Grace is to simply purchase her from the Shop. She is available in a package called “Saint Grace Package” in which you get 50 Saint Grace shards, 300 food and 950 gems. However note that this package is quite expensive so most players will probably won’t choose this way to get her.

rumble heroes how to get saint grace

Another thing to note is that it’s a limited time package available in the shop for only 21 days. So if you decide to purchase this package then make sure to do so within the available time. Don’t worry about whether you are making the right choice by purchasing her or not. Rest assured that you are going to purchase the best and the most strongest healer in the game.

2. The second way is the one most players will go for and it’s also the one i recommend using. What you need to do is keep farming gold and use them to summon heroes from Pub. Every time you get hero shards you will earn some Mileage Points. You can then use these points to unlock Saint Grace from Mileage Shop which is located at top right side at Pub screen.

how to get saint grace in rumble heroes

In order to unlock Saint Grace from Mileage Shop you need to obtain 9,000 Mileage Points. This means you need to spend a total of 180,000 gold at pub, which might seem a lot. However you probably won’t need that much gold because you will occasionally also get pulls which reward more mileage points. Normally you get 5 points for each pull but sometimes you will also get pulls which reward 20 Mileage Points for each pull.

If you are wondering about, can’t you simply get her from pub like other heroes? Then the answer is, No. She won’t appear at Pub until you unlock her. Once you have unlocked her using any of the two methods mentioned above, she will then start appearing at Pub. After that you will be able to pull her just like other heroes using gold.

Rumble Heroes Saint Grace Tips

Here are some tips which will help you to use Saint Grace in the most effective way in Rumble Heroes. By keeping the tips mentioned below in mind you will be able to use her in the most advantageous way. So let’s check out those tips.

1. Always keep an eye on the position of Saint Grace whenever your team is facing an enemy horde. Make sure to keep Saint Grace at the back and away from enemies. Although she is great at healing but is also equally bad at attacking so you should try to keep her safe at all cost.

2. Most heroes in the game are either good for Bosses (single enemy) or good against a group of enemies. There are very few heroes who are good at both and can be used in both situations. Luckily Saint Grace is one of those fewer ones and thus you can use her in both situations.

3. If you like to play Village Defense mode then make sure Saint Grace is one of the 4 heroes you get to choose at the beginning of the challenge. It’s extremely helpful to have her in the team from the beginning instead of depending upon RNG to get her during the actual game.

So this is how to get Saint Grace and everything you need to know about her in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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