Rumble Heroes Equipment Guide & Tips + How To Equip Items!

Equipment are one of the most essential items in Rumble Heroes mobile game. They are one of the best ways to greatly increase your power and become more stronger instantly. You can find all your obtained equipment under “Item” tab in your Bag. However a lot of players have no idea about how or where to equip items, how to get more powerful equipment etc. In this equipment guide i won’t only tell you how to equip items but also everything else you need to know about them. So let’s check it out!

Rumble Heroes Equipment Guide & Tips

First let’s learn about different types of items or equipment you can find in the game. There are mainly 9 types of equipment you can equip to gain various types of buffs and effects. Right now only 8 types of items can be obtained, the last types of equipment would probably be released in a future update. Below you can learn about all 8 types of equipment you can obtain in the game right now.

rumble heroes equipment

  • Sword – T1 Judge’s Sword & T1 Guardian’s Sword
  • Helmet – T1 Judge’s Helmet & T1 Guardian’s Helmet
  • Shield & Wand – T1 Judge’s Shield & T1 Guardian’s Wand
  • Armor – T1 Judge’s Armor & T1 Guardian’s Armor
  • Wings – T1 Judge’s Wings & T1 Guardian’s Wings
  • Shoes – T1 Judge’s Shoes & T1 Guardian’s Shoes
  • Ring – Ring of Life & Ring of Destruction
  • Symbol – Each Hero has it’s own Symbol

Sword, Shield & Wings mainly boost your ATK while Helmet, Armor and Shoes boost your HP. Ring and Symbol can boost either ATK or HP. Another thing you need to know is that other than a specific stat boost, an equipment can have 1 to 3 sub stats which provide additional boosts. The number of sub stats depends upon the rarity of the equipment. Higher the rarity, more sub stats it will have. Below you can learn about all rarities of equipment available in the game and the number of sub stats they have.

rumble heroes equipment guide

  • Equipment with Orange Background – 3 Sub Stats
  • Equipment with Pink Background – 2 Sub Stats
  • Equipment with Blue Background – 1 Sub Stat
  • Equipment with Grey Background – 0 Sub Stats
  • Equipment with Plain Grey Background – 0 Sub Stats

Also, each equipment has a level restriction which means you can’t equip that item if your Troop Level is lower than required. So if an equipment has a level restriction of 55, you won’t be able to equip it before reaching level 55. Next to level restriction you can also see a “Score” value. This score represents how much Power you will get by equipping it.

You should also know about Rings and Symbols as they are a little different than other equipment. Rings boost the ATK or HP of some specific types of Heroes like Agility, Intellect, Strength type etc. So if you build a team consisting of some specific types of heroes, make sure to equip a Ring which boosts the stats of those specific types. Don’t equip a Ring just because it has a higher Score value.

Similarly you should be careful about which Symbol you have equipped. Each symbol boosts a particular skill of a specific hero. If you have equipped a Symbol of a hero and if you haven’t even included that hero in your team then you are basically wasting that Symbol and losing a possible great boost chance. So again, don’t equip a symbol just because it gives you more power. Always equip the Symbol of a hero which you have included in the team.

rumble heroes items

Lastly it’s also important to know that you can also lock any equipment so that you don’t accidentally dismantle it. In order to lock an equipment just tap over it’s icon and you will be asked if you want to lock this item. Just tap on confirm button to lock that item and keep it safe.

How To Get Equipment In Rumble Heroes

It’s important to keep looking for better equipment so that you have enough ones to switch and choose from, depending upon required situation. There are mainly three ways to get equipment in Rumble Heroes. Below you can learn about all these 3 ways.

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1. Dungeons – These are one of the best ways to get more equipment in the game. You can get up to 4 dungeon maps each day by completing daily quests. Higher the difficulty of the dungeon, more the chances of getting powerful equipment.

2. Rift – These are another great way to get equipment but you need to reach Troop Level 40 before you could play this game mode. There are 75 Rift stages to clear and higher the stage you clear, more powerful equipment you can get from it. So keep increasing your power and try to clear higher Rift stages to get more stronger equipment.

rumble heroes rift

3. Armory Exchange – You can dismantle your lower grade or less powerful equipment to get Normal Dismantling Materials and then exchange them at Armory to get new equipment. This way you don’t only get the chance to obtain better equipment but also get rid of your weaker items to make more space in your Bag.

rumble heroes armory

How To Equip Items In Rumble Heroes

Although it might seem pretty simple and easy but there are still a lot of players who have no idea about how to equip items in Rumble Heroes. If you are among those players then no need to worry anymore because now i am going to tell you how or where to equip items so that you could gain all the useful buffs and boosts from them.

In order to equip items the first thing you need to do is go to “Beginning Village” location (if you aren’t already there). So open the World Map and tap on the teleport spot located at Beginning Village to arrive there. Now all you need to do is go to the “Guardian Statue” located at the center and tap on the tick mark button above it.

rumble heroes equip items

This will open the Guardian Statue screen where you will be able to see all equipment slots. Just tap on any slot to be able to see all available equipment for that slot and equip the one you want. An upward green arrow over an equipment means it has the highest power among all items for that slot however it doesn’t necessarily means it’s the best one. You should equip the one according to your requirement.

rumble heroes how to equip items

You can also find a green colored Exclamation Mark button at Guardian Statue screen. By tapping on this button you will be able to see a detailed information of all the boosts you are getting from all equipment.

So this is how to equip items and everything you need to know about equipment in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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