What To Do With Wood In Rumble Heroes!

Wood is one of the three most basic resources in Rumble Heroes mobile game. It is also quite easily obtainable because all you need to do is just chop down trees, which are available almost everywhere in the game. Due to this you might soon collect thousands of wood or lumber. However there doesn’t seem to be enough use of wood in the game and that’s why a lot of players wonder what to do with wood. If you are one such player then no need to worry anymore. In this post i am going to solve this issue by telling you different ways to spend wood as well as also a way to get rid of all your wood in Rumble Heroes. So let’s check it out!

What To Do With Wood In Rumble Heroes

In early stages of the game, spending wood might not be an issue for you. This is because your wood will be frequently consumed for unlocking new areas at Rumble Island. However once you find out that it’s possible to get infinite storage in the game, you will then be able to collect as much Food, Wood and Ore. That’s when you will collect so much wood that you won’t even be able to spend enough of it.

rumble heroes wood

If you are wondering that currently there are not many ways to spend wood in the game then you are wrong. The game currently has actually three ways to spend wood in the game and you can use all these three ways to get rid of your thousands of wood. However i do agree that there needs to be more ways to use wood and i am also quite sure that in upcoming updates we will definitely get to see more useful ways to spend wood. So just keep patience and enjoy the game for now.

As of right now, we have three ways to spend lumber/wood in Rumble Heroes. All these three ways are quite useful and will also help you to progress further in the game. So i recommend you to use the below mentioned three ways to spend or get rid of your wood till we don’t get more ways to spend them.

1. The first and probably the most important use of wood is for unlocking new parts of the map. If you have completed all missions at Rumble Island by defeating Hell Dinosaur and thinking there is no more places to unlock using wood then you are wrong. We already have two new regions “Land of Ghosts” and “Poisonous Marsh” where you need to use wood to unlock further areas at both these regions. There are 10 stages at both these regions so you will need plenty of wood to fully clear both of them.

rumble heroes what to do with wood

If you have been ignoring Land of Ghosts and Poisonous Marsh till now, then it could probably be one of the reasons you might have collected thousands of wood. So start working on increasing your power and clear all 10 stages at these regions. I am sure that you will soon find yourself needing more wood as you start clearing stages at these advanced regions.

2. The second place where you can spend your wood is for upgrading your Mining Camp at Beginning Village. It’s extremely important to upgrade Mining Camp because it is the best and fastest way to get Ore in the game. Just like the wood, ore is also one of the things you need for unlocking new areas in the game. Ore deposits are not that easily available in the game and thus if you only depend upon ore deposits for getting ore then unfortunately you are wasting a lot of your time.

rumble heroes mining camp

Not to forget that ore is also needed for unlocking upgrades at Training Ground, which is extremely important to increase your power and make your heroes more stronger. So you need a lot of ore to fulfill these demands. The best and the quickest way to get ore is not to look for ore deposits, instead just go to your Mining Camp to instantly get hundreds of ore refilled. So it’s extremely important to use your wood for upgrading the Mining Camp.

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rumble heroes training ground

3. The third and currently the last way to spend wood is at Village Defense. A lot of players seem to ignore this game mode because it consumes a little more time than other challenges. However ignoring this game mode could also be a reason for having thousands of wood in your storage.

In Village defense challenge you can spend your wood for constructing the Wooden Fence. These wooden fences are extremely important because they act as a barrier for enemies. The monsters get stuck at these fences giving you more time to kill them and save your statue, while they try to damage and destroy the fences. You can build three fences and each fence consumes 100 wood. This means you can spend 300 wood each time you play Village Defense mode.

rumble heroes village defense

The great thing is if you really want to completely get rid of all your wood (although i don’t recommend doing it) then you can do so in Village Defense mode. There are actually two game modes in Village Defense. The first one is the normal mode which requires a Village Defense Ticket to play. But there is also an Infinite Mode which doesn’t require anything to play.

So if you want then you can just keep playing Infinite mode, spending 300 wood every time for building the defenses and then just quitting to return to the village. You can keep doing it till you are satisfied with the quantity of wood you want in your storage.

So i hope now you know what to do with wood in Rumble Heroes. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Rumble Heroes and other latest android games!

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