Dragonheir Siren Song Quest Guide + Oceanic Crystal Location!

Siren Song is a side quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. In this quest you need to head to Mermaid Cliff location and search for signs of a siren there. You need to fight some powerful enemies and also find an Oceanic Crystal in this quest. All this makes the quest a little difficult and thus a lot of players are unable to complete it. In this Siren Song quest guide i won’t only tell you how to complete this quest and obtain Oceanic Crystal but also show you a video walkthrough of this quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir Silent Gods Siren Song

The first thing you need to know is how to get or trigger this quest in Dragonheir. So let me tell you that you need to interact with an NPC called “Weird-Looking Man” in order to start this quest. He can be found towards west side of Dragonsaerie, close to the bridge.

dragonheir siren song

He will tell you about a beautiful singing voice of a Siren which comes from Mermaid Cliff located towards east of Tavira. The voice is like tender murmurs of a lover, quite whispers of a mother, everything beautiful you could imagine. Hearing all this about the voice you decide to go there and investigate.

Mermaid Cliff is located towards north of Weird Looking Man which is not too far and thus you will be able to reach there quite fast. While heading towards the Cliff someone named Elecebre will keep calling you to the shore and be from her side.

The first enemies you will encounter in the way will be level 65 Offensive Bandits who are not that difficult to beat. However after beating them you will be attacked by three level 65 Evil-eyed Minotaurs. These enemies are kinda hard to beat.

For the first enemies (Offensive Bandits) your heroes just need to be at level 70 with no Artifacts. However in order to beat Evil-eyed Minotaurs the recommended level is 75. Other than that it’s also quite helpful to equip your heroes with Artifacts or Positive Runes. You can also consume a dish to boost your attack or other stats.

dragonheir siren song quest

After defeating Minotaurs you will need to move the stone obstacle out of your way to be able to reach Mermaid Cliff. On reaching there you will finally meet Elecebre whose voice you have been periodically hearing throughout this quest.

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dragonheir silent gods siren song

You will then have some conversation with Elecebre after which she will ask for 3 Oceanic Crystal. You will already have 2 Oceanic Crystals from defeating the two enemies in the quest. However you will need one more to be able to progress further in the quest.

A lot of players get stuck at this quest as they have no idea about where to get the third Oceanic Crystal from. However you don’t need to worry as i am here to guide you. In order to get it you actually need to interact with the blue colored crystal located near the stone obstacle you had moved out of the way earlier.

dragonheir oceanic crystal

On getting there you will see a message “See that? They belong to me … Come now, give them to me …” but you won’t get Oceanic Crystal this way. In order to get the Crystal you need to tap on speech bubble over her. A message will then appear “The mysterious blue glowing object falls from the demon once again – it seems to be the same thing as before.” after which you will get the crystal.

After getting the last crystal you need to deliver it to Elecebre. However the quest won’t yet be over. You will then need to fight and defeat Elecebre to complete the quest. She is quite powerful and thus might take a bit of time to beat her. After defeating her you will get your quest reward which will also include a quest item called “Siren Scale“.

That’s how you can obtain Oceanic Crystal and complete this Siren Song quest. If you still have any issues with this quest then you can watch a walkthrough of this quest in the video embedded below. You can also check the characters i used for this quest together with their stats and equipment in the video.

So this is how to complete Siren Song quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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