Dragonheir Silent Gods Basic Tonic Potion/Healing Potion Recipe!

Basic Tonic Potion is a common but one of the most important items in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. You can also call it a healing potion as it is used for healing your characters in the game. It can be both crafted as well as purchased using gold in the game. If you are looking for more of this healing potion and don’t know it’s recipe then you have come to the right place. In this post i will tell you Basic Tonic Potion recipe so that you could craft it in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir Basic Tonic Potion

Basic Tonic Potion together with Delicate Tonic Potion are two potions which you can use for healing characters in the game. Basic Tonic Potion fully restores the HP of a single hero while Delicate Tonic Potion fully restores the HP of all allies in the team.

dragonheir basic tonic potion

If you are looking for the recipe of Basic Tonic Potion then let me tell you that you need Spectral Regen Grass for crafting this potion. This grass can be gathered at Chaos Universum and can also be obtained by trading at Relaxing Cabin in Fog Town.

You can craft 1 quantity of this potion using a couple of Spectral Regen Grass. After collecting enough of this grass you can tap on “Camp” button at bottom right corner and then tap on cooking pot above the campfire. Now just select Basic Tonic Potion from recipes list and tap on “Cook” button to craft it.

dragonheir basic tonic potion recipe

However instead of manually obtaining the ingredient and then cooking at the camp it’s much easier and faster to simply purchase it from NPCs. You can purchase 10 quantity of this potion every day from goods section at Camp. It costs just 1000 gold for each potion.

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dragonheir healing potion

Other than that you can also purchase it from a vendor known as Crimson Crow Aide. He is an NPC who can be seen running back and forth at various regions in the game. One such place where he can be found is towards north side of Arbortea fort. You can purchase up to 99 Basic Tonic Potion from him at once.

dragonheir healing potion recipe

Also, just like Basic Tonic Potion you can also use another potion known as Delicate Tonic Potion to heal your characters. However the difference is that you can heal all your team allies using 1 Delicate Tonic Potion instead of 1 character at a time.

You need Regen Grass for crafting Delicate Tonic Potion which can easily be obtained while exploring the vast world in Dragonheir. It’s good to make Delicate Tonic Potion using this grass m at cooking pot in your Camp. You need just 4 Regen Grass to make 1 Delicate Tonic Potion.

dragonheir delicate tonic potion

So i hope now you know about Healing Potion recipe and how to craft or make them in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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