Dragonheir Silent Gods Beef Stew Recipe (Path To A Professional Cook)!

How to make Beef Stew is what a lot of players want to know in Dragonheir Silent Gods game. You need to cook this Beef Stew in order to complete a Commission Quest called “Path to a Professional Cook” at Nytheria region. Some players have no idea about the ingredients required for making Beef Stew while some of them are confused about how to find those ingredients. If you are also struggling with these issues then no need to worry anymore. In this post i will tell you the Beef Stew recipe as well as how to find it’s ingredients and make Beef Stew in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

DragonHeir Silent Gods Beef Stew

As mentioned above, you need to make Beef Stew for completing “Path to a Professional Cook” commission quest. So the first thing you need to do is to activate or track this quest from “Quest” screen. You can access Quest screen by tapping on notepad icon under the mini map at top left of the screen.

After tracking this quest you need to visit Arbortea and meet an NPC called “Yagnatz”. He is the NPC whom you need to give Beef Stew after cooking it in the pot in order to complete this quest and claim your rewards.

dragonheir beef stew recipe

The first thing you need to know is what ingredients you need in order to make Beef Stew. Well, you need just two things to cook this dish and that’s two Beast Meat and two Brussel Sprout. If you don’t have any of these ingredients then don’t worry as below you can learn about how to get them.

Beast Meat is a huge chunk of meat that hunters cut off from a beast. It’s a common ingredient of stews and other meat dishes in the game. In order to get Beast Meat you need to go to Arbortea, tap on “Market” option, choose to communicate with “Ingredient Merchant” and finally select “Trade” option.

dragonheir silent gods beef stew

You will now get to a screen from where you can purchase a variety of ingredients. In the list of ingredients you will also find Beast Meat which can be purchased for 1500 gold each. It’s good to go through the list of items and remember them so that you can purchase them from there when needed later.

dragonheir beast meat

Brussel Sprout is a vegetable planted at certain regions in the game. One such region is “Ruined Trade Road” from where you can obtain this sprout by tapping on hand icons at random locations. This is the same region where Goblin Lair is located. You can also purchase Brussel Sprout from Arbortea Merchant as mentioned above.

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dragonheir brussel sprouts

Other than these you can also purchase Beast Meat and Brussel Sprout from “Crimson Crow Aide”. He is an NPC found towards north side of Arbortea. He keeps running back and forth on a path so you need to locate and interact with him in order to purchase items from him.

dragonheir path to a professional cook

After obtaining both ingredients now it’s time to make Beef Stew. You can cook or make this dish by tapping on “Camp” button at bottom right corner of screen and selecting the cooking pot at the center (under the campfire).

This will take you to cooking screen where you need to switch to the second tab (wood icon). This will display all your collected edible items. Select two Beast Meats and two Brussel Sprouts from the list and tap on “Cook” button.

dragonheir how to make beef stew

You will then need to get 11 points on the dice in order to make Beef Stew for the first time. Once successful, Beef Stew recipe will be permanently unlocked at recipe screen from where you can easily make more of them as needed.

After making Beef Stew just give it to Yagnatz and complete the commission quest. You can now make more Beef Stew and consume it to get all ally heroes attack increased by 8% for 600 seconds and Accuracy increased by +10 for 600 seconds.

So this is how to get Beast Meat and Brussel Sprout to make Beef Stew In Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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