Dragonheir Silent Gods Season Reset Complete Rules & Details!

Season reset is one of the most discussed topics among players in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. Most players are confused about how season reset works in the game, what are the Reset rules, which items are reserved, which ones are lost in Season 2, what is the season reset date, does Elemental Affinity also resets in Season 2 and more. In this post you will get answers to all your questions regarding Season 2 reset in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir Silent Gods Season Reset

If you don’t yet know then let me tell you that there is a thing called “Seasons” in Dragonheir Silent Gods game. Each season runs for about 3 months or so. At the end of each season or the beginning of next season a major portion of your game resources and content are wiped out.

However, not all your items and in-game content will be lost. Although a major portion of resources and progress are taken away but there are many things which are partially reserved and some are even fully reserved. Below you can find the complete rules of season reset.

Your unlocked heroes, their Skill Level and Inspiration Level will be reserved. All your heroes will be reset to Level 1 at the beginning of each season. Your unlocked Artifacts will also be reserved but all your Artifacts will be reset to Level 0 at the beginning of each season.

dragonheir season reset

Essence of Creation obtained through Heliolite Dice Summoning will be retained by 70% regardless of whether it is consumed or not. Also, bonus Essence of Creation will be issued in the next season based on the current season’s progress.

At the beginning of a new season, based on the total amount acquired in the previous season, Echo of Clepsydra will be settled as Pure Sandcore at a ratio of 100:1. In the Season Shop you can use Pure Sandcore to redeem various rewards. Unconsumed Pure Sandcore will be permanently reserved.

Wyrmarrow, Dragon Crystal, Summon Dice, Skill Scroll and any unconsumed Monthly Card will be reserved until the next season. Soul Imprint, Imprint Stone II, Imprint Stone I, Heliolite Dice, Starlight Stone Dice are also fully reserved and not lost in next season.

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dragonheir reset rules

Growth Materials such as Oblivion Scroll, Adventurer Scroll, Excelsior Crystal (Ice and Lightning), Master Scroll, Scholar Scroll and Apprentice Scroll are all fully reserved and safe in next season reset.

Your Avatars, Avatar Frames, Dice Appearances, Mounts together with unused time of your Monthly cards like Daily Supply from Three Ears and Wyrmarrow Mining Warrant are also fully reserved.

Ability Points for Psychicore obtained in the last season can be reassigned as the new season starts. The Elemental Affinity rules are subject to periodic changes and the Affinity Level will be fully reset.

dragonheir season 2 reset

The most important thing to note is that any other items available in the game, other than the ones mentioned in this post (like Gold) will be completely lost when season reset takes place. So it would be best to spend them all before the end of current season.

Also, the¬†Exploration Challenges will be reset. So you will need to re-explore Adenthia to obtain more rewards. Also, during the first 144 hours in each season you can reset your heroes’ level and have your invested resources refunded. Please note that heroes’ skill levels cannot be reset.

A lot of players also keep asking about season reset date or time. So let me tell you that it varies among players as it depends upon your game server. In order to check your season reset date you simply need to tap on “Clepsydra Trail” in your Menu. There you can check the remaining days in current season at top left of the screen. It will say “Ends In x number of Days”.

dragonheir season reset date

If you can’t yet find Clepsydra Trail in your Menu or if it’s button is greyed out then it means you need to progress more in the game. Just keep completing Main Quests and unlocking new regions and Clepsydra Trail will soon be unlocked in your game.

So this is everything you need to know about Season reset and it’s rules in¬†Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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