Dragonheir The Heir To The Bigfoot Orchard Guide + Uterus Brandy!

The Heir To The Bigfoot Orchard is another kinda confusing quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. This quest takes place at Serenity Forest where you first need to obtain 3 Lydia’s Goods and A Manifest With Footprints. A lot of players are unable to complete this step of the quest as well as the next ones like making Uterus Brandy. If you are also stuck at this quest then no need to worry anymore. In this post i won’t only tell you how to complete The Heir To The Bigfoot Orchard quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods but also show you a video walkthrough of this quest. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir The Heir To The Bigfoot Orchard

The first major challenge with this quest will be to find 3 Lydia’s Goods. If you check the description of this item then it says “Goods purchased from the outer lands by Lydia, a Halfling from Uerus. They are scattered all throughout Serenity Forest.”

dragonheir the heir to the bigfoot orchard

So according to the description it can be found scattered at Serenity Forest, however let me tell you that they are not openly scattered. You will actually need to defeat some enemies in order to obtain them. The first Lydia’s Goods can be obtained by defeating level 75 Orc Sorcerers towards northwest of Lydia at Serenity Forest.

the heir to the bigfoot orchard

The second one can be obtained by moving a little further towards north. You will find a dark cloud there, next to an Astrological Chart puzzle. Behind the clouds you will find a team of Orc Frost Wizards whom you need to defeat in order to get the second Lydia’s Goods.

The third and the last one is quite easy to find. To get it you just need to check the “Storage Cave” located right above or a little towards northeast of Lydia. Inside the cave you will find a chest which contains the third Lydia’s Goods.

Now give all Lydia’s Goods and A Manifest With Footprints to Lydia to move to the next steps of the quest. Further steps will be quite easy until you reach a step or task called “Find The Will“. The Will can be obtained from a chest called “Protruding Mound” however you will need to solve a puzzle in order to reach this chest.

You will first need to talk to the NPC named “Dopey Sorceress” standing close to the chest. After talking to her tap on “I want to ask about the blockade here …” option. She will give you further details about the blockade and then give you a Fleetfoot Berries.

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dragonheir uterus brandy

You will now need to make an Uerus Brandy and give it to Dopey Sorceress. A lot of players call it Uterus Brandy instead of Uerus Brandy, so don’t get confused. You can make this Uterus Brandy at your base using 1 Fleetfoot Berries and 2 Wild Raspberry. You can also make it using 1 Fleetfoot Berries with either 2 Common Berries or 1 high quality fruit.

After making Uterus Brandy just give it to the NPC and she will then unlock the last part of the puzzle on the ground. You can now move the giant stone structures and place them at their respective slots to finally unlock the path to Protruding Mound chest. Now just open the chest to get the Will called “Tobacco-smelling Will”.

uterus brandy dragonheir

The further steps of the quest are again quite easy so no explanation is needed for them. Also, you will find a path blocked by a magical seal close to where you found the Will. Don’t waste your time trying to open this path as it can only be opened by completing further quest of the main storyline.

In the video embedded below you can watch a complete walkthrough of The Heir To The Bigfoot Orchard quest in Dragonheir. I have removed the unnecessary parts and talks from the video so that you don’t have to have a long video. So make sure to check out the quick video below.

So this is how to complete The Heir To The Bigfoot Orchard in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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