Dragonheir Lost In The Blizzard Quest + Unlock Grave of Curse!

Lost In The Blizzard is a guide quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. This is a very simple and quick quest so you shouldn’t have any issues completing it. However the main problem is how to get this quest as you need to complete it in order to unlock Grave of Curse. In this post i won’t only tell you about Grave of Curse location, how to unlock Grave of Curve but also show you Lost In The Blizzard walkthrough in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

How To Unlock Grave of Curse In Dragonheir

The first thing you need to know is that where is Grave of Curse located in Dragonheir. So let me tell you that Grave of Curse is located towards northwest of Sunrise Camp or southwest of Greeahg Goor. In the image below you can check the exact location of Grave of Curse on the map.

dragonheir grave of curse unlock

If you haven’t yet unlocked Sunrise Camp then you need to unlock it first by going through certain regions. These regions are Starfall Plain Wilderness > Sythairelan > Altar of the Flowering > Field of Burrows > Mound of Fallen Leaves and then Sunrise Camp.

As you can see that you need to go through many regions so it might take you some time to reach Sunrise Camp. However you don’t need to worry about manually unlocking each of these regions. All you need to do is just keep completing Main Quests and you will automatically unlock these regions.

After reaching Sunrise Camp just keep heading towards northwest and you will reach Grave of Curse located at a corner. If you are unable to head towards this path for any reason after unlocking Sunrise Camp then you need to complete further quests of main storyline.

Grave of Curse is a dungeon where you need to defeat a boss called “Blood Prince – Xenos”. There are total 9 levels of difficulty in this dungeon and by defeating Xenos at his increasing levels you can obtain the below mentioned items as rewards.

  • Ancestral Protection Chest – Gives a random equipment from Ancestral Protection set
  • Radiance of the Blue Oak Chest – Gives a random equipment from Radiance of the Blue Oak set
  • Granite Will Chest – Gives a random equipment from Granite Will set
  • Blessing Chest – Gives a random equipment from Blessing set
  • Guardian Chest – Gives a random equipment from Guardian set

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Other than these equipment you can also obtain Precious Tempering Sand, Refined Tempering Sand and Coarse Tempering Sand from this dungeon. These ores are required for forging certain rare quality equipment sets.

The first time you reach Grave of Curse it will say “Unfinished Quest: Lost In The Blizzard”. This means you need to complete this quest called “Lost In The Blizzard” in order to unlock Grave of Curse. A lot of players successfully reach Grave of Curse but can’t figure out how to get the quest.

dragonheir silent gods grave of curse

If you are also confused about how to get “Lost In The Blizzard” quest then let me tell you that this quest spawns right next to Grave of Curse. However if you don’t see it in your game yet then it simply means that it hasn’t been unlocked yet on your server.

dragonheir lost in the blizzard

Content in this game actually unlocks gradually so if you don’t find Lost In The Blizzard quest next to Grave of Curse then you simply need to wait for few days. Once it unlocks on your server you will automatically get it’s notification at left side of the screen.

dragonheir lost in the blizzard quest

This is a simple quest in which you need to defeat Xenos to obtain an item called “Adventurer’s Relic” and then give it to Crimson Crow Liaison at Arbortea fort. In the video embedded below you can watch a complete walkthrough of “Lost In The Blizzard” quest.

So this is how to unlock Grave of Curse by completing Lost In The Blizzard quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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