Dragonheir Silent Gods Horn Summon Guide, Combinations & Tips!

Horn or Otherworld Horn is a simple but very useful feature in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. Horn summon not only allows you to get new characters but also some really useful game resources. Not only this but you also have a chance to summon legendary hero using it. In this Horn guide i will tell you everything you need to know about this feature as well as different horn combinations in¬†Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir Horn Guide

Horn feature is unlocked at very early stage in the game so you can start using it right from the beginning. You can access Horn or also known as Otherworld Horn by tapping on “Camp” button at bottom right corner of the screen and then tapping on a big Horn located close to the traveler on the screen.

dragonheir horn guide

This is a simple feature using which you can obtain heroes and some specific resources without spending anything. The only thing required for summoning with Horn is magical energy and the great thing is that this magical energy is restored automatically with time.

Each magical energy takes 12 hours to be restored but you can hold maximum 4 energy only. So for maximum utilization of this feature it’s important that you regularly keep summoning with Horn and don’t let it reach the max cap of 4 magical energy.

dragonheir silent gods horn

There is also an another way to quickly obtain magical energy. It requires you to use an item called “Magic Oil” which replenishes the Horn’s energy by one unit. However right now there doesn’t seems to be a way to obtain this item. It will most probably be obtainable from some future events.

dragonheir silent gods horn summon

Every time you use Horn, a dice will be thrown and the number you get on the dice will decide what reward do you get. You will notice 1 point mentioned as Mediocre, 5 as Common, 15 as Great and 20 as Wonderful but it doesn’t clearly explain the rewards. So below you can check the exact rewards according to the points obtained on the dice.

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Dice value between 1 to 4 grants a small amount of Essence of Creation

Dice value between 5 to 9 grants a Common Hero or small amount of Essence of Creation

Dice value between 10 to 14 grants a Rare Hero or a large amount of Essence of Creation

Dice value between 15 to 19 grants an Epic Hero

20 Points on the Dice grants a Legendary Hero

However even before you throw the dice you will need to pick 3 labels from “Desires” screen. This basically allows you to pick the type of hero you want to obtain by summoning the horn. Below you can check all the labels you can choose from.

Deep Elf
Wood Elf

Now, a lot of players believe that horn combinations or the three labels you pick before summoning with Horn decide the points you get on the dice. They basically believe that by choosing some specific labels you can summon a legendary hero from horn.

dragonheir horn combinations

However let me tell you that the labels you select has nothing to do with dice result. The points obtained on the dice are completely dependent on RNG, which means your luck. So if you are lucky then you can get legendary heroes quickly but if your luck is bad then you might not get one even after several months.

If you are wondering then let me tell you that it’s definitely possible to get legendary heroes from Horn. A lot of players have already shared proofs of it. Some of them even got two legendary heroes from their four summons! However there is no definite way to get them from Horn.

The best thing you can do to get legendary heroes from Horn is to keep summoning as frequently as possible. More you summon using Horn, more will be your chances to obtain rare and legendary heroes from it.

So this is everything you need to know about Horn in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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