Dragonheir Silent Gods Cursebinder Guide + Key To Mysterious Cave!

Cursebinder is a side quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. This quest takes place near Sythairelan at Nytheria. It’s a little long and tricky quest as you need to find a Key to the Mysterious Cave to progress ahead in this quest. Most players get stuck at this step as they are unable to get this Cursebinder key. If you are also one of those players then no need to worry anymore. In this Cursebinder guide i won’t only tell you exactly where to find Key to Mysterious Cave but also how to complete the next steps of the quest in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir Silent Gods Cursebinder

To begin or trigger this quest you need to interact with an NPC named Stout Schaltar found towards north of Arbortea. If you are unable to start the quest this way then you can also talk to an NPC named Rina standing towards east side of Sythairelan. You can check her exact location in the image below.

dragonheir cursebinder guide

You will find a cave located a little above Rina. When you try to enter the cave Rina will warn you to stay away from that cave. You can then talk to Rina to know about what’s wrong with the cave. She will tell you that long ago the former High Priest, Ivellios discovered a cursed wood elf and settled him in that cave.

She further tells that when she was very young she once peeked through the cracks of a door and saw a monster in the cave. When you ask her about entering the cave by tapping on “What if i wanted to enter the cave and take a look around?” option she tells that you will need a key to open the cave’s stone doors.

After that you can go to the cave and find two ways to enter inside. The first way is to push open the doors by passing a challenging Strength check. It’s good to try this method first, if you get successful then you will be able to enter the cave right away.

dragonheir silent gods cursebinder

In case you fail the strength test then the only way left will be to use a key called “Key to the Mysterious Cave” to be able to enter the cave. This is the step where most players get stuck as they have no idea about how or where to find this Cursebinder key.

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dragonheir cursebinder key

In order to find the key you need to visit Sythairelan and go to Prayer Center. Inside the Prayer Center you will find an NPC named Cilkaas who holds the key to the cave. After interacting with him you can tap on “About the key to Sythairelan Cave” to inquire him about the key.

dragonheir silent gods key to the mysterious cave

However you won’t be able to get the key this way as Cilkaas will refuse to give the key stating that Stegamoffyn (the cursed wood elf inside the cave) should not be in this world. Therefore you will need to use another way to obtain the key.

The other way is to just steal the key from Cilkaas. So just tap on “Steal” button and drag the key to the bottom area of the screen (as shown in the image below). The required point is just 7 so you will easily be able to steal the key from Cilkaas without being caught.

dragonheir key to mysterious cave

After getting the key just go back to the cave and use it to open the cave door. You will then need to beat a team of level 30 enemies after which you will find Stegamoffyn. In the full quest walkthrough video embedded below you can watch what you need to do further in order to complete the quest.

So this is how to complete Cursebinder quest by obtaining Key to the Mysterious Cave in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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