How To Heal & Use Potions In Dragonheir (Healing Guide)!

How to heal and how to use potion are two most commonly asked questions by players in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. These are mostly asked by beginners who are new to the game and have recently started playing it. If you are also one of those players then no need to worry anymore. In this healing guide i won’t only tell you how to heal or use potion in Dragonheir Silent Gods but also some other ways to heal. So let’s check it out!

How To Heal In Dragonheir Silent Gods

Healing is one of the basic and most important function in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Fighting enemies while completing your main storyline quests depletes the health of your deployed heroes. Therefore it’s necessary to keep healing them regularly.

An important thing to note is that you need to heal your heroes only while completing main quests. You don’t need to heal them while playing at various dungeons. The reason is because your heroes reach the next quest with the same amount of health as they had at the end of the previous quest.

Also, heroes can be healed only after entering the battlefield but before the beginning of battle. There are only two ways to heal your heroes in the game. The first and also the main way to heal them is by using potions.

dragonheir how to heal

The two primary or main potions used for healing characters in the game are Basic Tonic Potion and Delicate Tonic Potion. Basic Tonic Potion fully restores the HP of a single hero while Delicate Tonic Potion fully restores the HP of all allies in the team.

Although both these potions can be crafted at Camp but it’s better to just buy them from vendors such as Crimson Crow Aide. He is an NPC who can be seen running back and forth at various regions in the game. One such place where he can be found is towards north side of Arbortea fort.

dragonheir silent gods healing

However you will acquire a lot of Regen Grass while exploring the vast world in Dragonheir. So it’s good to make Delicate Tonic Potion using them at cooking pot in your Camp. You need just 4 Regen Grass to make 1 Delicate Tonic Potion.

dragonheir silent gods how to heal

So this was the first and main way to heal characters in the game. The other way to heal your team allies is to include a healing character or better known as healer in your team. One of the finest and first healers you will get in the game is Heksandra.

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It’s extremely helpful to always include a healer in your team. In order to gain maximum and frequent HP boost from your healers you should make sure to keep leveling up your healer character. The reason is because these support characters are kinda weak so leveling them up will help them to survive longer.

How To Use Potion In Dragonheir Silent Gods

It’s actually quite simple and easy to heal your characters using potions. Note that although you can check your available Basic and Delicate Tonic potions anytime by switching to “Pack/Consumable” tab in your backpack or inventory but you can’t really use them from there.

As mentioned earlier in this post, heroes can be healed only after entering the battlefield but before the beginning of battle. So after you enter the battlefield you will see a potions icon at right side of the screen. You just need to tap on this potions button.

dragonheir how to use potion

It will now open a new section at the bottom of the screen from where you can select the potion you want to use. If you want to heal single heroes then select Basic Tonic Potion and tap on “Use” button. It will display all heroes who are not with their full HP. Just select the hero you want to use potion on.

dragonheir silent gods how to use potions

If all your heroes have low HP then you can simply use a Delicate Tonic Potion to heal all of them. You can also switch to “Buff” tab on the same screen and use a desired dish of your choice to gain various types of buffs.

So this is how to heal and use potions in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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