What Are Dragon Crystals Used For In Dragonheir Silent Gods!

Dragon Crystal is an in-game currency used in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. This is actually just another currency like Wyrmarrow however you won’t find any shop in the game where you could spend them or any item which you could purchase using them. This makes a lot of players confused about Dragon Crystal use in the game. If you are also one of those players then no need to worry anymore. In this post i will tell you what are Dragon Crystals used for in Dragonheir Silent Gods. So let’s check it out!

Dragonheir Silent Gods Dragon Crystal Use

If you haven’t yet noticed then let me tell you that Wyrmarrow is not the only currency in Dragonheir. When you open the game Menu you can find a yellow colored crystal icon just next to Wyrmarrow at top of the screen. This yellow crystal is the Dragon Crystal.

dragonheir dragon crystal

There are a lot of ways to obtain Wyrmarrow for free in the game. You can obtain it quite easily just by playing the game. However Dragon Crystal is a premium currency which means you can’t obtain it for free by any means.

The only way to obtain Dragon Crystals is to purchase them from shop. When you go to game store you can find a Dragon Crystal Offer where you can purchase them in different quantities. You can also obtain them through Wyrmarrow Mining Warrant.

dragonheir dragon crystal use

The description of Dragon Crystal says “A gemstone coagulated from the pure power of Dragon Gods according to legend. It can be used to redeem extremely rare items”. However most players have no idea about what are those extremely rare items and where to redeem them from.

You can scroll through all buttons and screens in the game but you won’t find any Exchanges or Shops where you could spend your Dragon Crystals. This makes a lot of players wonder about what is the point of purchasing them if you can’t even use or spend them anywhere in the game.

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However you don’t need to worry anymore about that as i am here to tell you about Dragon Crystal use. You actually can’t spend Dragon Crystals directly in the game (at least for now). At the time of writing this post there is no such way to do so in the game.

If you want to spend them then you will first need to exchange or convert them to another currency, which is Wyrmarrow. You will then be able to use your Wyrmarrow for purchasing items or resources of your choice. That’s basically how you use Dragon Crystals right now.

For converting them to Wyrmarrow you first need to open the game Menu and then tap on “+” button next to Wyrmarrow at top of the screen. This will open “Redeem Wyrmarrow” screen where you can convert your Dragon Crystals into the red crystals.

dragonheir what are dragon crystals used for

You can then use your red crystals for purchasing items such as Heliolite Dice, different Scrolls, Stamina, Alliance Rally Ticket, Auto-Raid Tickets and more by switching to “Daily Supply Store” at game Store. Nobody knows the exact reason about why Dragon Crystals work this way in the game but that’s how they work.

dragonheir silent gods dragon crystal

So i hope now you know about Dragon Crystal use in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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