How To Defeat Flora In Dragonheir Silent Gods (Flora Fight Guide)!

Flora is one of the bosses or powerful enemies in Dragonheir Silent Gods PC and mobile game. She is a level 70 boss whom you need to defeat for progressing further in main quest. A lot of players struggle to beat Flora and her underlings (which are 4 Flora Pirate Soldiers) and thus unable to move ahead in the game. If you are also struggling to defeat Flora then no need to worry anymore. In this Flora fight guide i won’t only show you how to beat Flora in Dragonheir Silent Gods but also show you the exact build you need to use for her. So let’s check it out!

How To Beat Flora In Dragonheir Silent Gods

If you haven’t yet progressed enough in the game to meet Flora and her underlings then it’s better to start preparing already for her. Because as mentioned earlier, she is a really powerful enemy who can melt your team quite easily if you are not prepared enough.

dragonheir defeat flora

Flora is a level 70 enemy thus a lot of players will recommend you to use a team of level 70 heroes to beat her. However there is a good chance that you might still struggle and most probably won’t be able to defeat her while using level 70 heroes.

how to beat flora in dragonheir silent gods

If you want to be able to beat her easily then i recommend you to take a couple of days and grind for EXP potions. Then use those potions to upgrade your heroes to at least level 76 (recommended level is 80). If you want to do it faster then you can also buy stamina breads using Wyrmarrow.

The next thing other players would recommend you to do is to equip all your heroes with upgraded Artifacts. But according to me it’s not really required. If you don’t have enough Artifacts then you can equip them on just some of your heroes.

Instead of using Artifacts i recommend you to equip your heroes with positive runes. These runes are much easier to obtain and upgrade than Artifacts. You can obtain positive runes from Heretical Ruins which is located at Tavira.

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dragonheir how to defeat flora

These runes can be upgraded using gold while you need Essence of Creation for upgrading Artifacts which is not that easy to obtain. If you want to level up your Artifacts enough then you will need thousands of these Essence which might take a long time to obtain.

Also make sure that your heroes are equipped with rare equipment in all 4 slots. Even more important thing is that all those equipment should be upgraded or refined to max level 12. It shouldn’t be hard to do as you need just gold to refine them.

Of course, the heroes you use and their placement on the battlefield is also extremely important. I personally used the following five heroes for defeating Flora – Dwarf (Traveler), Horrus, Forbrit, Eli, Heksandra and placed them as shown in the image below.

dragonheir flora

Lastly, you should also consume a dish to boost the stats of your choice, before the start of the fight. I personally consumed a Deer Horn Pie which increases all heroes’ HP by 10% and Accuracy by +15 for 600 seconds. In the video embedded below you can watch me beating Flora with this exact Build and completing this quest.

So this is how to defeat Flora in Dragonheir Silent Gods. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Dragonheir Silent Gods and other latest android games!

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