What Is Kustov Power & How To Get It In Alien Invasion (Guide)!

Kustov Power is one of the most mysterious and attractive topics for almost any player in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. Every new or mid level player wants to know what is that “Unthinkable Power” which you can get using it. Does this Kustov Power doubles your stats to make you greatly powerful instantly? Does it give you some kind of new ability in the game? or something else? If these questions are going on in your mind as well then no need to worry anymore. In this Kustov Power guide i won’t only tell you what is Kustov Power but also tell you exactly how to get Kustov Power in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

What Is Kustov Power In Alien Invasion

If you check the very next room towards left of your home base in the game then you will see a giant red colored crab like character stuck at the corner. When you reach closer to him you will see a “Main Quest” appear over him. When you tap on this Main Quest you can check it’s description which says “Give me back my power and I will share with you unthinkable power”.

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You will also be able to see eight aliens in different colors right above him as well as also at quest’s description screen. All this simply means that this Main Quest is kind of a mega quest in which you need to complete different quests in order to obtain these 8 aliens of different colors.

Each of these 8 aliens can be obtained by completing a specific quest and you need to level up in the game in order to unlock specific areas where these quests are located. Once you have obtained all 8 aliens you will unlock Kustov Power which grants you the ability to have resistance to cold. If you are wondering what is the use of this cold resistance power then just continue reading below to learn about it.

alien invasion what is kustov power

After completing Main Quest and obtaining Kustov Power you will also unlock Stukov Door located to the right side of your home base. Behind this door is a huge frozen area where you can’t survive without this cold resistance effect from Kustov Power. Therefore Kustov Power is extremely important for exploring and enjoying the advanced content of the game.

alien invasion rpg idle space kustov power

How To Get Kustov Power In Alien Invasion

As mentioned earlier, you need to complete some specific quests in order to get all eight aliens and then unlock Kustov Power. Most of these quests are quite tricky or challenging to complete . However you don’t need to worry because i have already posted a dedicated guide for each quest. Below you can learn about each Kustov Power quest which you need to complete to obtain these aliens and get Kustov Power.

The first quest is called “New Opportunity” in which you simply need to upgrade Farm. This one is quite easy to complete as it doesn’t requires you to do any complicated tasks and thus you shouldn’t have any issues completing it. However if you are still looking for a guide on completing this quest then you can check out my guide by clicking here.

The next Kustov Power quest is called “Spreading” or “Ventilation Quest” in which you need to locate and open 5 vents. This one is kinda tricky and there is a good chance that you might need some help in completing it. Make sure to check out my Ventilation quest guide to be able to easily complete this quest.

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The next quest is called “Information” in which you need to catch two agents. These agents are really fast in speed and at early stage of the game they also deal a great amount of damage. This makes it really hard to catch them. Don’t forget to check out my guide on how to catch agents to easily complete this quest and obtain another alien for Main Quest.

The fourth quest is called “Building Plan” in which you need to obtain 25 blueprints by catching engineers. Although these engineers are not really fast in speed but they deal a great amount of damage due to which it can be challenging to catch them. Make sure to check out my guide on this quest by clicking on the linked post.

how to get kustov power in alien invasion

The next quest is called “Return The Eggs” by completing which you can obtain a red alien. In this quest you need to catch seven kidnappers and get the eggs back from them. The problem is that it’s extremely hard to catch even just one of these seven kidnappers. Check the linked post for easiest way to complete this quest.

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The next quest in the list is “Eliminate The Threat” in which you need to get rid of 8 enemies in military uniform to get a yellow colored alien. These enemies are really dangerous and you might have a tough time beating them. You can check out my guide on this quest by clicking here.

The most dangerous of all these quests is “Boss Fight” in which you need to beat a Robot boss. A lot of players don’t know how to get purple alien for Kustov Power. Well, this is the quest you need to complete in order to get it. It’s really hard to beat this boss but don’t worry because in my guide on how to beat robot i have shown a nice trick to easily beat this boss to complete Boss Fight quest.

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So i hope now you know everything about Kustov Power and also how to get Kustov Power in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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