Alien Invasion Building Plan Quest Guide & Tips!

Building Plan is one of the many challenging quests you need to complete in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. This quest is located in the adjoining room towards right of the Agents. There is also a DNA Farm right above this quest from where you can have a regular supply of purple DNA. In this quest you need to obtain 25 blueprints by catching engineers. A lot of players find this mission really hard to complete. If you are also one of those players then no need to worry anymore. In this post i will show you an easy trick to catch all engineers and obtain 25 blueprints to complete Building Plan quest in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

Alien Invasion Building Plan Quest

Before learning about the trick to catch engineers, first let’s get to know some important details about this┬ámission. This quest is called “Building Plan” and it’s description says “Engineers have parts of the base blueprint. Find them all”.┬áThis quest can be unlocked and accessed after reaching level 5 in the game.

alien invasion building plans

All these engineers are located in the same room as the quest spot. Although they are not really that fast in speed but they deal a great amount of damage. There is a good chance that you might be attacked by multiple engineers as you try to aggro one of them. All of them attacking together greatly multiply the damage taken by you.

alien invasion building plan quest

Another problem are the agents located in the previous room. You will need to either defeat them first or try to enter the quest room by escaping them. If you aggro any of the agents then they will come chasing you inside the quest room and keep dealing you high damage until you either get defeated or you run away from the room.

These agents are much more fast and dangerous than engineers. However you can use the trick i have shown in my guide on how to beat agents to get rid of both agents fast. By defeating both agents you can also complete their quest called “Information” and obtain one more alien for the Main Quest.

You need to beat total 25 engineers in this “Building Plan” quest. The great thing about my trick is that you can use this trick to beat even 3 or 4 engineers at once. This means you can save a lot of your time by using this simple but highly effective trick.

alien invasion building plan guide

Other than the actual trick, another important thing is to know what levels your stats should be at, in order to successfully implement this trick. So in the video embedded below you can watch and learn the trick to beat all 25 engineers. The great thing is that you can also check the exact levels of all my stats in the video, so that you don’t have to guess about my power while completing this quest.

So this is how to complete Building Plan quest in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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