Alien Invasion Return The Eggs Quest Guide (Best Trick)!

Return The Eggs is one of the most challenging quests in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. In this Egg quest you need to catch seven kidnappers and get the eggs back from them. This quest makes a lot of players frustrated because it’s extremely hard to catch even just one of these seven kidnappers. If you are also confused and frustrated with this quest then no need to worry anymore. In this post i will show you a trick to easily and effortlessly complete this Return The Eggs quest in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

Alien Invasion Return The Eggs

If you are one of those players who are unable to locate this quest in the game then don’t worry because that’s normal. If you can’t find Return The Eggs quest in your game then it simply means that you have not yet reached level 7 in the game. Reaching level 7 requires you to collect 380k EXP, so it might take you some time. If you are struggling to reach level 7 faster then make sure to check out my guide on how to level up fast in Alien Invasion.

Once you reach level 7 you will unlock three new doors, one of which will be towards north of the Agents. After unlocking this door you will reach quite a large room in which you will find new exchange spots, a Market as well as various enemies. If your movement speed is fast enough then you won’t even necessarily need to beat agents to reach this room, you can just escape or avoid them.

alien invasion return the eggs

This Egg quest is located just before “Meat Farm” in the room. On interacting with the quest you can read it’s description which says “People stole our eggs! Catch the kidnappers and get the eggs back”. By tapping on magnifying glass button at quest screen you can locate these kidnappers, who are located close to the quest spot in the same room.

alien invasion rpg return the eggs

These kidnappers are harmless as they don’t deal any damage to you. However each of them have a lot of HP and they also move kinda fast. But that is not really the problem. The main problem every player faces in this quest are the numerous blue colored enemies located just next to these kidnappers.

alien invasion rpg idle space return the eggs

The path you need to take in order to reach these kidnappers is kinda narrow which makes it almost impossible for you to avoid blue colored enemies. This results in your stomach getting full before you could reach the kidnappers. Since you can’t catch anymore enemies unless you deliver the stored meat, you keep getting “No Space” message on your screen and thus become unable to catch any kidnapper.

Another problem is that even if you make some space in your stomach with the help of deliver alien, that space won’t be available for long. This is because the kidnappers have a lot of HP and they also keep moving around. This will unfortunately again take you closer to the blue enemies and eventually catch them unintentionally to get your stomach full again.

I am sure you can relate to these exact issues and getting frustrated while attempting this quest. However you don’t need to worry anymore because this Return The Eggs quest is not actually challenging but a little tricky. You just need to focus on leveling up some specific stats and use a simple trick i am going to explain below and you will be able to complete this quest very easily.

This method involves using two simple steps. If you notice then you will find that there are actually two groups of blue colored enemies near the kidnappers. Your first step is to get rid of all these blue enemies as quickly as possible. So what you need to do first is to catch these blue guys till your stomach is full and then quickly get rid of all the meat.

If you run all the way to your home base to empty your stomach then it will take you a long time. So instead of going to the bottom you can just enter the Building Plan quest room (next to Agents) and let the enemies at the bottom of that room kill you. This way you will instantly spawn at your base and you can now run back again to catch more blue guys and die again. Keep repeating this step till you get rid of all blue enemies.

alien invasion egg quest

It’s very important to have a large stomach capacity so that you could catch many blue guys at once and don’t have to take a lot of trips. So level up “Cargo Capacity” at Upgrades screen and “Stomach” stat at Black Market to increase your stomach size. I recommend a cargo capacity of about 900 for easily completing this quest.

Once you get rid of all blue guys you can then implement the second step of this method. In this step you simply target only one kidnapper at a time and keep chasing him till you have caught him. When one kidnapper is caught, target the next one. Don’t worry about the blue guys spawning back as they don’t spawn that fast. You will easily have enough time to catch all kidnappers before even a few blue guys spawn back.

return the eggs alien invasion

It’s of course greatly helpful to have a high Catching Speed. Therefore you should level up your Catching Speed at Upgrades, Strongthread stat at Black Market and also complete “Engine” quest to greatly increase your catching speed to be able to catch the kidnappers fast.

In the short video embedded below you can watch me using this same strategy to complete “Return The Eggs” quest. Not only this but you can also check all my exact stats in the video. This way you won’t have to guess about how much catching speed etc. you need in order to complete this quest effortlessly and faster.

So this is how to complete Return The Eggs quest in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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