How To Get & Use Green Orb DNA/Green Eggs In Alien Invasion (Guide)!

Green Eggs or Green Orb DNA are one of the most important and rare resources in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. They are required for leveling up stats at Meat Farm. This greatly helps you to obtain even more meat as idle reward and thus these Green Eggs are really useful resources. However a lot of players have no idea about how to get or farm these green orbs. If you are also among those players then no need to worry anymore. In this Green Eggs guide i will show you how to get these Green Orb DNA in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

Alien Invasion Green Eggs

Before learning about how to get these green eggs, first let’s get to know some more details about them. First of all if you don’t yet see these eggs in your game then don’t worry because that’s normal. If you can’t find it in your game yet then it simply means that you have not yet reached level 7 in the game.

alien invasion green eggs

Once you reach level 7 you will unlock three new doors, one of which will be towards north of the Agents. After unlocking this door you will reach quite a large room in which you will find new exchange spots, a Market, two missions for the Main Quest as well as various types of enemies.

If your movement speed is fast enough then you won’t even necessarily need to beat agents to reach this room, you can just escape or avoid them. Reaching level 7 requires you to collect 380k EXP, so it might take you some time. If you are struggling to reach level 7 faster then make sure to check out my guide on how to level up fast in Alien Invasion.

In this large room you will find a “Meat Farm” where you need to use these eggs in order to level up two stats which are Income and Capacity. In the beginning you will need Meat and different DNAs for leveling up these two stats but soon you will need only green orb dna for leveling up further.

alien invasion green eggs guide

After Custov’s Farm this Meat Farm is another useful source of consistent and effortless meat. Therefore it’s really important to focus on farming green eggs so that you could max level your Meat Farm and obtain maximum possible meat. This way you will be able to level up your stats further and be prepared for advanced content.

The great thing is that the game provides you quite a lot of ways to get these Green Orb DNA in the game. The first way to get them is by using the Exchanger located just next to Meat Farm. At this exchange spot you can buy 30 green eggs using 100 crystals. You can buy as many green eggs from here as you want but i don’t recommend using this Exchanger. I will explain the reason further below in this post so just keep reading.

alien invasion green orb dna

The second way to get Green Orb DNA is by catching the orange colored enemies found right underneath the Exchanger mentioned above. You can get a green orb as well as a lot of meat by catching each of these enemies. Although they don’t deal any damage but they are crazy fast in speed so it might take you a good amount of effort to catch them. Leveling up “Slowtentacles” at Black Market can greatly help you slow down these enemies.

alien invasion how to get green eggs

The third way is to get 1 green egg as a free gift every 8 hours from DNA shop. Note that they won’t appear at DNA shop until you get your first green egg by catching the enemies mentioned above. As soon as you catch an orange colored enemy to get your first green orb, they will be unlocked at DNA shop as well.

alien invasion how to get green orb dna

The fourth way is to buy these green orbs from DNA shop. Just like the third method mentioned above, this option also won’t be available until Green Orb is unlocked at DNA shop. Remember i asked you not to spend your crystals at Exchange spot earlier in this post? Well, the reason is because at DNA shop you get 48 Green eggs for 100 crystals while at exchange you get only 30. Therefore if you want to get green orbs using crystals then use DNA shop and not the exchanger.

The fifth way is to watch ads to obtain green eggs. Whenever you get the opportunity to get some green orb dna by watching an ad which appears at bottom left of the screen, make sure not to miss it. You must have obtained at least 1 green egg already in order to get the option to watch ad for getting green eggs.

green orb dna alien invasion

The last way to get these eggs is by opening the 250 purple dna door located in the Agents room. You can find various rare resources behind this door and green orbs are also one such resource. Inside this door you can find a red colored guy by catching whom you can get 8 green orbs at once together with meat and broken eggs.

green eggs alien invasion

So this is how to get Green Eggs or Green Orb DNA in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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