How To Upgrade Farm In Alien Invasion (New Opportunity Quest)!

How to upgrade Customs or Kustov Farm is what most players want to know in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. The actual name of the structure is Custov’s Farm but you will find players calling it with different names like Custom Farm, Kustov Farm or simply Farm. This is one of the most important structures which is located in the adjoining room to the left of your home base. This Farm keeps producing Meat and you can also upgrade it to significantly increase the amount of produced meat. In this post i will tell you how to upgrade farm to complete “New Opportunity Quest” in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

How To Upgrade Customs Farm In Alien Invasion

As mentioned above that Farm is located in the adjoining room to the left of your base in the game. It automatically keeps producing meat however it stops collecting more meat after reaching a specific limit (determined by the level of Farm). Therefore it is important to keep interacting with Farm periodically and tap on “Collect” button so that it doesn’t stop producing meat.

alien invasion how to upgrade farm

When you move to the north of your home base you will find a quest spot called “New Opportunity” right near the entrance. For completing this quest you simply need to upgrade Custom Farm to 3 stars. After completing this quest by upgrading the Farm you will obtain one more alien (cyan color) for the Main Quest.

alien invasion new opportunity quest

Although you need to upgrade Kustov Farm to 3 stars for completing this quest but you can upgrade it even further if you want. For upgrading Farm you will need to use meat. Since you need to upgrade it to 3 stars (which means 60 levels) therefore you will need to have thousands of meat in order to complete the quest.

There are two units or sub stats inside farm which are “Income” and “Capacity”. Income determines the quantity of meat produced per minute while Capacity determines the maximum capacity of meat it can hold (after reaching this limit, the Farm will stop producing meat until claimed by the player).

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However meat is not the only thing you will need for upgrading Farm. Every 20 levels of farm upgrade (10 level for Income and 10 for Capacity) you will need to spend a certain number of crystals to add 1 star to the farm and be able to level it up further.

Fortunately you don’t need too many crystals for upgrading farm level to 3 stars for New Opportunity quest. You need a total of just 150 crystals (50 crystals for upgrading to 2 star and 100 crystals for upgrading to 3 star) to complete this quest.

alien invasion kustov farm

Although it’s possible to quickly obtain the required number of crystals by purchasing them with money but you don’t really need to do so. If you are willing to use some specific ways for just a few days in the game then you can also obtain these 150 crystals for free. Below you can learn about three ways using which you can get free crystals in the game.

You can find two guys in red color shirt near the Main Quest spot in the adjoining room towards left of your home base. You can capture these guys every few hours to obtain 5 crystals from each of them, giving you 10 free crystals. So make sure to log into the game a few times throughout the day and capture these guys for free crystals.

how to upgrade customs farm in alien invasion

The second way to get free crystals is by simply watching ads. Keep an eye at bottom left side of the screen and grab any opportunities you get for obtaining a few crystals for watching some short ads. You usually get 3 crystals every time you watch an ad in this way.

The third way is to participate in events. You can frequently find new events available in the game and the great thing is these are not really competitive. These events are a great way to not only get hundreds of gems as ranking rewards but they also provide permanent stat boosts which stay with you forever.

alien invasion farm upgrade

These are the ways you can use to get free crystals and upgrade your Kustov Farm in the game. As a bonus i am also embedding a short Kustov Farm walkthrough video below in which you can watch me upgrading Kustov Farm level to 3 and completing New Opportunity quest.

So this is how to upgrade farm in Alien InvasionĀ RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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