Easiest Way To Beat Robot Boss In Alien Invasion (Boss Fight)!

Boss Fight is without doubt the hardest quest you need to complete in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. By completing this quest you can get purple alien for the Main Quest. However in order to complete this quest you need to beat Robot Boss who is extremely powerful. A lot of players get frustrated when trying to beat him because he can regenerate his full HP almost immediately. If you are also unable to complete level 7 Boss Fight quest then no need to worry anymore. In this post i won’t only show you how to beat robot but also teach you a trick to easily beat this powerful Robot with low stats in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

Alien Invasion Boss Fight (Robot Boss)

Before learning about the trick to beat this Robot, first let’s get to know some more details about him. As mentioned above, you need to defeat this boss for completing a quest called “Boss Fight“. If you don’t see this quest in your game yet then it simply means that you have not yet reached level 7 in the game. If you are struggling to reach level 7 faster then make sure to check out my guide on how to level up fast in Alien Invasion.

alien invasion boss fight

Once you reach level 7 you will unlock three new doors in the area, one of which will be towards northwest of the Agents.┬áBehind this door you will find a small room in which you can locate this quest as well as also find Robot inside it. This small room is located just above the Engine module quest in Agent’s room.

alien invasion robot boss

On interacting with the quest you can check it’s description which says “Take the key from the boss to let us out”. This means after defeating this Robot Boss you will also get a key from him together with more than a million meat and 100 Blue Eggs. You will then be able to tap on “Complete” button to get the purple alien for Main Quest.

alien invasion level 7 boss fight

Now let’s talk about the Robot as he is the one whom you need to beat in this quest. This yellow colored robot is dangerous due to several reasons. The first one is because he has an immense amount of HP due to which it might take you several minutes to beat him. The second one is that he has the ability to fully regenerate his HP in almost a couple of seconds.

Other than these he is also extremely fast in speed and deals a great amount of damage with each hit. Also, if you plan to make him chase you so that you could keep dealing him damage then that’s not going to work. The reason is because he will eventually touch and deal damage to you, no matter how high your Move Speed is.

alien invasion how to beat robot

His HP regeneration is one of the biggest problems for most players. As soon as he steps outside your Catching Radius he immediately starts regenerating his HP. The only way to stop him from regenerating is to make sure not to let him move outside your catching radius at any cost, otherwise all your effort will be wasted.

So the very first thing you need to do before fighting this boss is to focus on leveling up your four specific stats. These stats are Catching Speed or Attack Power, Health, Catching Radius and Move Speed. Having a high catching speed will significantly reduce the time it takes to beat him. Good amount of HP will allow you to survive longer and remain in the fight.

Catching Radius is one of the most important stat you need to level up before fighting this boss. Having a good catching radius will greatly minimize Robot’s chances of stepping outside and healing himself. Move Speed is another really important stat to level up in order to effectively fight him.

You might now be wondering about exactly how much minimum stats do you need to beat robot boss. This is one of the most asked questions by players and thus i am going to answer this here. Below you can check the exact stats i had while beating Robot boss using the trick i am going to show you in this post.

Catching Speed/Attack Power – 31K

Health – 214

Damage Resistance – 1.23

Catching Radius – 34.1

Move Speed – 57.1

Target Slowdown – 17.1%

With the above mentioned stats it will take you about 5-6 minutes to beat Robot boss. If your attack power is lower than mentioned above then it will take you few more minutes. You can use Upgrade screen, Purple Eggs at Green Market, Black Market and Power Up at shop to increase your attack power.

alien invasion mobile game boss fight

After having the above mentioned stats you will be ready to beat the Robot. After that all you need to do is just use the trick shown in the video embedded below and you will be able to complete Boss Fight by defeating Robot Boss really easily. Note that you can defeat this Robot as many times as you want, every 30 minutes. He is a great and fastest way to obtain Meat and Blue Eggs.

So this is how to complete Boss Fight quest by defeating Robot in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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