How To Get All DNA (White, Cyan, Purple & Red) In Alien Invasion!

DNA are one of the most essential and important items in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. There are four types/colors of DNA (purple, cyan, red, white) and they are needed for leveling up stats at your “Upgrades” screen. A lot of players struggle to farm all or some specific DNAs and thus ask questions like where to get green DNA or how to get blue DNA etc. If you are also among those players then no need to worry anymore. In this post i will tell you how to get DNA so that you could get red, pink, blue, green and all DNAs in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

How To Get DNA In Alien Invasion

As mentioned above that there are mainly four colors of DNA and each DNA can only be obtained from a specific location in the game. There are some specific enemies at these locations whom you can regularly keep defeating in order to farm DNA. I will show you the exact location of enemies for each dna further below in this post.

However other than obtaining from these specific locations, there are also three more ways using which you can get all DNAs. Let’s quickly learn about these three ways and then i will show you how or where to get individual dna from. So below you can learn about three ways to get all DNAs in Alien Invasion.

alien invasion how to get dna

The first way is to tap on cart/shop button at bottom left corner of the screen and switch to DNA tab. From this screen you can claim each color of DNA as a free gift every 8 hours. This might not give you a lot of dna fast but it is the only way to get all dna from one place. Just keep claiming these regularly and they will add up. Note that if you don’t see all dna in your game then you need to level up your stats at Upgrade screen.

alien invasion dna

The second way is to purchase the dna of your choice using crystals. You can buy all dna from the same screen as mentioned above. You can buy each dna for 100 or 500 crystals and the amount of dna you get depends upon the dna you buy. Rarer the dna, less quantity of it you will get on purchasing. White and Cyan DNA are the rarest so you get less of them while purple and red ones are not that hard to get.

The third way is to simply watch ads for dna whenever they appear at bottom left of your screen. In this method you obviously can’t choose the dna (or even any other item) you want to get by watching ads but its definitely worth it. You get a good quantity of item for watching ads thus you can get a lot of DNA this way as well.

How To Get Purple DNA In Alien Invasion

Purple DNA is probably the easiest one to get among all four because there are multiple ways to get it. Some players also call it as Pink DNA because they are unable to distinguish between both colors. Anyways, other than the methods mentioned above there are three more ways to get pink dna. Below you can learn about all these three ways.

The first way is by regularly killing three blue or cyan colored enemies in the very next room to the north of your home base. You can check the location of these enemies in the image below. You can get 1 purple dna by killing each of these enemies. They keep spawning every few minutes and thus you can keep killing them to farm purple dna.

alien invasion pink dna

The other way to get these dna is by unlocking DNA Farm located in the Building Plan quest room. You can also upgrade this farm using purple dna to increase the quantity of dna generated per minute as well as the maximum capacity of pink dna it can hold.

alien invasion dna farm

The last way to obtain purple dna is by exchanging it with white dna. Although i don’t think it’s a great idea to do so but still its available in the game. However in order to unlock this exchange spot you will need to reach level 7 first (which requires collecting 380K EXP). In the image below you can check the location of this exchange.

alien invasion purple dna

How To Get Red DNA In Alien Invasion

Red DNA is the second easiest one to get in the game after purple. The reason is because the enemies from which you can get these DNA are available in a group. So you can get numerous red dna in less amount of time by killing them. These enemies are located in the same room where DNA farm is located.

alien invasion red dna

The great thing about these enemies is that they don’t attack you. However they have a lot of HP so you will need to stay around them for a couple of minutes to beat them and obtain the DNA. Note that there will be a white color enemy in the group who can attack you therefore you must first get rid of him before you could kill the dna guys. You can easily defeat this white enemy just by revolving around him, as he is really slow.

alien invasion how to get red dna

How To Get Cyan DNA In Alien Invasion

Cyan DNA is one of the rarest ones among all four. It is also known as Green DNA or Blue DNA among players because of it’s confusing color. The reason it is kinda rare is because there are only two enemies from whom you can get them and both these dna enemies are surrounded with other high damage dealing enemies.

alien invasion how to get blue dna

I highly recommend you to level up your stats so that you don’t get defeated quickly. You mainly need to level up your Move Speed and then just keep revolving around these enemies to beat them. Since there are just two enemies from whom you can get this DNA therefore it might take you some time to farm enough of this dna.

How To Get White DNA In Alien Invasion

This DNA is probably the hardest one to get because you need to defeat Agents in order to get them. You can get only one white dna from each agent and it can be really hard to defeat each of them because of their extremely fast speed and high amount of damage they deal.

alien invasion white dna

However you don’t need to worry about these agents because i have already shown a trick to easily defeat them in my post on how to beat agents. Make sure to go through that post and learn about a smart trick to defeat agents and obtain your white dnas.

So this is how to get DNA in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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