How To Get Eggs/Blue Eggs In Alien Invasion (Best Place To Farm)!

Blue Eggs are one of the most important resources in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space mobile game. These eggs are required for leveling up stats at Black Market and also for upgrading it. Upgrading Black Market grants you new abilities and also greatly increases your power therefore Blue Egg is really useful resource. However leveling up Black Market requires thousands of eggs and most players have no idea about how to farm blue egg. If you are also one of those players then no need to worry anymore. In this post i will show you how to get eggs as well as the best place to farm blue eggs in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Eggs In Alien Invasion

Let’s get straight to the point and learn about how to get blue eggs in Alien Invasion. The great thing is that the game provides you more than enough ways to get these eggs in the game. All you need to do is just devote enough time implementing these methods in the game and you will be able to farm a lot of these eggs. Below you can learn about different ways to get eggs in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space.

alien invasion eggs

The first and the most easiest way to get blue eggs is by killing some specific enemies located at particular spots in the game. Although these enemies are not that many in number at a spot but they keep spawning frequently so you can keep killing them to farm enough blue eggs quickly.

During early game you can find two such spots in the game. The first one is located in the room just north of your home base and the second one is located in the northeast room. The enemies in the northeast room are a little hard to reach due to other dangerous enemies in it. In the image below you can find the location of blue egg enemies at north room.

alien invasion blue egg

The second way to obtain eggs is by chasing down and killing flying human enemies. While roaming around in the game you will frequently find these red color flying enemies wearing jet packs. You can find them flying everywhere and the good thing is that they are not difficult to chase and beat. You can get a blue egg as well as some meat from each flying enemy you beat.

alien invasion blue egg farm

The third way is by exchanging broken eggs for blue eggs. After reaching level 6 you will unlock further area of the game and find a door which requires 250 purple dna to enter. Right next to this door you will find a group of enemies by defeating whom you can obtain broken eggs as well as thousands of meat. This spot is also the best place to farm blue eggs.

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alien invasion best place to farm blue eggs

Moving a little towards right side of these enemies you can also find an Exchange spot where you can exchange 8 of these broken eggs for 1 blue egg. These broken egg enemies spawn really fast so you can farm a lot of these half broken eggs if you are willing to spend some time there. After reaching level 7 you will unlock another similar exchanger which provides a little better exchange rate.

alien invasion how to get eggs

The next way to get blue eggs is to watch ads which randomly appear at bottom left corner of the screen. Although the item you get for watching ads is decided by the game and you can’t pick it but it gives you a great quantity of that item. So whenever you get the opportunity to watch ads for blue eggs, make sure not to miss it.

If you are looking for a much faster or quicker way to get blue eggs then you can take a look at game shop. There you get the option to buy eggs for crystals under “Meat and DNA” section. You can purchase 79 blue eggs for 25 crystals, 397 eggs for 100 crystals and 1.19K eggs for 250 crystals.

This next way to get blue eggs is for intermediate level players who have reached at least level 6. What you basically need to do is collect 250 purple dna and then enter the door mentioned earlier in this post (also shown in the image below). The door opens for 10 minutes only but you can quickly farm a lot of blue eggs from enemies inside the door. If you are looking for a quick way to get 250 purple dna then make sure to check out this post.

alien invasion rpg idle space blue eggs

The last way i am going to mention now is only available to advanced players. This is because you will need to unlock Stukov Door for it. The best places to get blue eggs are located behind this door but it is going to take you quite some time before you could unlock this door and explore the places inside it.

So this is how to farm or get Blue Eggs in Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Alien Invasion RPG Idle Space and other latest android games!

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