Frozen City Top 15 Hints, Tips & Tricks (Become Pro Player Fast)!

Frozen City tips and tricks are what everyone is looking for these days. It’s one of the most popular simulation games right now with a lot of things players want to learn about. If you have recently started playing the game or even if you have been playing for a few weeks, learning about some hints and tricks can be extremely helpful. In this post i will share 15 extremely useful Frozen City hints and tips which will help you progress fast and become an experienced player in least time. So let’s check it out!

Frozen City Tips and Tricks

Note that the below mentioned tips and tricks for Frozen City game are not the simple ones which you can learn about everywhere. Instead i am sharing these tipps and tricks from the experience i have gained after playing Frozen City for almost two months. I am currently in City 7 Glacier Circle so you can be assured that you are getting the best tricks and hints from an experienced player. So now let’s check out Frozen City tips and tricks!

1. Upgrading buildings in your city is one of the most important things you need to focus on since that’s how you increase their output. This means you need to tap on “Upgrade” button in your buildings a lot of times. You might be unaware of this trick so if you don’t yet know then let me tell you that you can simply tap and hold on upgrade button to keep upgrading an object in any building. You don’t need to tap on the button several times.

2. Don’t forget to claim free Common Chest from shop every 8 hours. The great thing is you can claim two of these chests every 8 hours. Just after you claim the common chest you will find that you can claim one more by watching an Ad. This way you can claim total 4 common chests per day. The chance to get epic card from this chest is not that bad so make sure to claim all 4 chests each day.

3. Many players are confused if they should spend gems on Rare Chest or Golden Chest in the shop. Then let me tell you that if you are mainly looking for epic heroes then you should open Rare chest while if you are looking for Wishing and Blazing stars then you should open Golden chest. Blazing star is a really important item in the game so i recommend checking out my Blazing Star guide to learn about the best way to farm them.

4. Special events are the best ways to get gems, epic heroes, survivor skins etc. in Frozen City. Right now there are four events available in the game which are Grandpa’s Farm, Fish Farming, Turning Waste Into Treasure and The Last Autumn. It’s highly recommended to participate in these events because they can provide a major boost to your game progress. Also, if you are stuck due to not being able to get any specific hero then events are where you can get them from. Check the linked posts in this paragraph to learn tips, tricks and complete guide about each event.

frozen city tips and tricks

5. Furnace is the main and most important structure of your City. It is required for keeping your city warm so make sure it’s always Switched On. You can also temporarily enable Extra Heat in your furnace whenever a storm hits your city because storms greatly drop the temperature, making survivors sick. Another important use of Furnace is that it is required for unlocking new buildings and upgrading existing buildings in your city. So if you are unable to build any specific building then you most probably need to upgrade your Furnace.

6. You can find “Survivors are Working/Sleeping” button at the bottom on various buildings’ screen in your City. It’s called “Extended Shift” feature and by enabling it you can make the survivors in that building to work even during night time which means you will get more resource from that building. It might seem a great feature but it also has some disadvantages. I recommend checking out my Extended Shift guide to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this feature and then decide if you should enable it or not.

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7. More survivors you have in your city more food you will need to cook. If you find that your survivors are always hungry then there could be various reasons for that like insufficient amount of raw food, lower level of kitchen hero, low quality food etc. Check out my guides on how to get more food and adjusting food portion size to find out the reasons and also how to fix them easily.

8. Arthur is one of the most hardest to unlock heroes in the game. You will need him for increasing output from Iron Mine in City 3 (Plain City). The best and the only guaranteed way to get him is to participate in “Turning Waste Into Treasure” event. You can find him there as the second reward on “Exchange Shop”. You can easily unlock him if you simply participate in this event throughout it’s duration.

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9. You will periodically get the option to watch ads for getting specific resources and even gems. You will find this button at bottom center of the screen whenever it’s available. Don’t forget to take advantage of it and always grab these extra resources by watching ads. The amount of resources you get this way are quite a lot and thus they provide a great boost to your game progress.

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10. While leveling up heroes you are required to add a star to your hero every 10 levels. Without adding a star you won’t be able to level up your hero further. For adding the star you will need that hero’s card and a specific quantity of Blazing Star. If you don’t have the required quantity of any of these two items then don’t worry because you can still add the star by purchasing the missing resources with gems. However note that more the quantity of missing resources more gems you will need to spend.

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11. Your buildings keep producing resources even when you close the game. However the game allows you to claim only up to 2 hours of resources generated during offline time. That’s why you should try to log into the game at least once every 2 hours and claim your offline reward. If you don’t log in for several hours then you will simply miss all resources generated after two hours of being offline. More active you will be more faster you will progress.

12. Survivors in your city can also go on a Strike and stop working in your buildings. You will then need to negotiate with them by providing them the items they want. During a strike all your resource production becomes 0 and survivors mostly demand a huge amount of resources which might be scary. However you don’t really need to give them anything if you want. You can simply wait for the strike to end itself, which lasts for about 5 to 6 minutes. The only loss will be your buildings won’t generate any resources for 5 to 6 minutes. You can learn about why survivors go on a strike and everything about negotiation here.

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13. Heroes don’t only increase the production from your buildings but they are also required in Battle mode. There is no limit to how many battles you can win each day so go as far as possible. Battle mode is a great way to farm Wishing Star so you should not ignore this mode. You can also get Wishing Star as Idle reward at bottom right corner on zoomed in map.

14. The key to win Battle stages is to always form your team according to a faction buff. Each hero has a profession (denoted by a symbol at each hero’s screen, just above their Role symbol at top right) and if your team has certain number of heroes with the same profession then you get bonus attribute points and extra troops which acts as a game changer. You can check all faction buffs through the button at top left on Battle screen.

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15. Adventure mode is a great way to obtain more cards of a hero you have already unlocked. These cards are required for adding a star and level up your heroes further. Adventure mode is little tricky and so i recommend you to check out my guide on Frozen City Adventure mode to learn about some useful tips and tricks together with complete details about this mode.

So i hope you learned a lot of valuable game information from these Frozen City Tips and Tricks which will help you to progress fast and become a pro player in the game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Frozen City and other latest android games!

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