How To Increase Collection Level Fast In Warcraft Rumble!

Collection Level is something you should never ignore in Warcraft Rumble mobile game. It is kinda like your account level or player level in other games but in Warcraft Rumble it is much more important. It basically decides how much XP your Minis will get from different ways available in the game. If your Collection Level is higher then any new Minis you get will be at higher level by default and thus more stronger. In this Collection Level guide i will explain you everything you need to know about Collection Level as well as the best way to increase Collection Level fast in Warcraft Rumble. So let’s check it out!

Warcraft Rumble Collection Level Guide

First of all if you have no idea about how to check your Collection Level then don’t worry as it’s too easy. You can check it by tapping on your profile icon at top left corner of the screen. Tapping on this icon will open your Profile screen where you can check your collection level as well as other account details.

warcraft rumble collection level

The number inside blue colored shield icon is your Collection Level (which is 11 in the above image). Under “Collection Level Benefits” you can check exactly how much XP will you get from different ways. Below you can learn about all these ways together with their description.

  • New Unit Bonus
  • Quests
  • Modest Tomes
  • Major Tomes
  • Mega Tomes
  • Mythic Tomes
  • Modest XP Boosts
  • Major XP Boosts
  • Mega XP Boosts

New Unit Bonus XP denotes the new Minis you buy from G.R.I.D or obtain as Sigil reward. This is the amount of XP these Minis will have by default. Quests XP denotes the minimum XP you will get by playing in Quest mode which is one of the best way to level up your Minis.

warcraft rumble increase collection level

You can also obtain XP from various types of Tomes available in the game. Each of these tomes allow you to provide XP to three units where it also provides choice between two specific units each time. These tomes can be obtained by playing in Quests and PvP modes.

warcraft rumble how to increase collection level

The Modest, Major and Mega XP Boosts randomly appear in the G.R.I.D. They provide bonus XP (as per your collection level) to any Mini purchased in vertical or horizontal line of the XP boost slot. If there is a Mini you want to purchase and an XP boost is also available then make sure to move that Mini in line with the boost.

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warcraft rumble collection level points

Now the important question is how to increase Collection Level so that you could increase XP obtained from above mentioned ways. Well, there are only three ways to increase your Collection level and the first one of them is to obtain New Minis.

Every time you purchase a new Mini from G.R.I.D. in the store using gold or obtain them through Sigil reward you will get some Collection Level Points. The number of points you obtain depends upon the rarity of the Mini purchased.

warcraft rumble how to get collection level points

The second way to get Collection Level points is to simply level up your Minis. As mentioned earlier in the post, Quest mode is the best way to level up specific Minis of your choice. This is also a great way to get Tomes and obtain even a lot more XP every day.

The third and the last way is to upgrade the rarity of your Minis. This is actually a little difficult (specially for Free to Play players) because you need Star Points, Arc Energy and specific Cores in order to upgrade the rarity of units. You need to grind the game for long time or purchase from Store in order to obtain them.

warcraft rumble increase collection level fast

So you can see that the best and most affordable way to increase Collection Level is the first and the second one. So try to collect as much gold as possible so that you could keep purchasing Minis from G.R.I.D. and also grind every day at Quests mode so that you could level up your Minis.

By focusing on the first and second way you will automatically keep progressing towards the third way as well. After that as soon as you have enough required resources, just upgrade the rarity of your preferred Mini and gain more Collection Level points.

As soon as you have collected 50 Collection Level points you will progress to the next level. So just keep repeating the above mentioned method everyday and you will keep increasing your level in a steady way. This is the only way to increase Collection Level fast in the game.

So i hope now you know everything about Collection Level and how to increase it in Warcraft Rumble. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Warcraft Rumble and other latest android games!

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