Warcraft Rumble Baron Revilgaz Guide (Best Build & Strategy)!

How to beat Baron Revilgaz is what a lot of players want to know in Warcraft Rumble mobile game. You need to defeat him as the last mission at Stranglethorn Vale. Although the game mentions him as a “Hard Mission” but he is not really hard to beat, even with low level Minis. All you need to do is just use the correct strategy with right Minis and you will be able to defeat him. If you are struggling to beat Baron Revilgaz then no need to worry anymore. In this guide i won’t only explain you how to beat Baron Revilgaz but also show you a video guide in which you can watch me beating Baron Revilgaz┬áin Warcraft Rumble. So let’s check it out!

How To Beat Baron Revilgaz In Warcraft Rumble

You will find three paths leading to Baron Revilgaz and in order to beat him the very first thing you need to know is which path you need to take. The left and the right side paths are almost identical as you will find a Guard Tower on both them which you can destroy to capture.

warcraft rumble baron revilgaz

The center path is empty with just a switch and nothing else. However soon after the game starts this path is acquired by Fleet Master Seahorn who is a really tanky enemy with a lot of HP. He can blast your Minis with his really long range artillery to deal a great amount of damage.

warcraft rumble baron revilgaz guide

The best path to reach Baron is the left or the right one. This is because our aim is to capture a Guard Tower so that we could deploy our troops closer to Baron. The path you choose will depend upon from which path the enemy troops start coming towards you when the game begins.

So if the enemies come from the left side path then start deploying your Minis at left side and capture the Guard Tower located there. In case they arrive from right side then you should capture the right side tower. Once you have captured a tower make sure to deploy all your Minis at that tower only, not at your base.

warcraft rumble how to beat baron revilgaz

However it can be a little difficult to capture a tower because of Fleet Master Seahorn. His artillery might fail your capture attempts as well as also cause a lot of trouble when you try to attack Baron Revilgaz. So it’s really important to get rid of Fleet Master if you want to beat Baron Revilgaz easily.

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The great thing is that it’s not really hard to beat Fleet Master Seahorn. Although he has a lot of HP but he doesn’t uses any other types of attacks, other than his Artillery. This means he won’t cause any damage to your Minis (other than his artillery attacks) when they are close to him.

warcraft rumble beat baron revilgaz

In order to beat him you just need to deploy someone like Tirion Fordring, Quilboar etc. at the center path who can soak a lot of damage easily. Just one tanky character is enough to beat him as he will just attack with his artillery and nothing else. This will also keep Fleet Master Seahorn busy with your character and you will easily be able to take your Minis to attack Baron Revilgaz through the left or right side path.

how to beat baron revilgaz warcraft rumble

All you need to do now is just keep deploying troops or Minis at tower until you successfully beat Baron. If you are wondering about which are the best Minis for this Baron Revilgaz mission then here are the recommended ones. I personally used the following – Gryphon Rider, Darkspear Troll, S.A.F.E. Pilot, Gnoll Brute, Flamewaker Chain Lightning and Tirion Fordring. Of course if you don’t have some of these Minis then no worries, just use other equivalent or better ones.

warcraft rumble beating baron revilgaz

In the video embedded below you can watch me using this strategy to beat Baron Revilgaz very easily at Stranglethorn Vale. You can also check the levels of all my troops in the video to see that they didn’t had really high levels while beating Baron Revilgaz. Make sure to follow this method exactly as shown in the video below.

So this is how to beat Baron Revilgaz in Warcraft Rumble. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Warcraft Rumble and other latest android games!

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