How To Beat Hogger In Warcraft Rumble (With Video Guide)!

How to beat Hogger is what most new players want to know in Warcraft Rumble mobile game. You need to defeat Hogger as the last mission at Elwynn Forest. Although the game mentions him as a “Hard Mission” but he is not actually hard to beat. You just need to use the correct strategy and right troops in order to easily beat him. If you are also struggling to beat Hogger then no need to worry anymore. In this post i won’t only explain you how to beat Hogger but also show you a video tutorial in which you can watch me beating Hogger in Warcraft Rumble. So let’s check it out!

How To Beat Hogger In Warcraft Rumble

The very first thing you need to know is which path you need to take in order to reach Hogger. At left side of Hogger there is a Guard Tower which you can destroy to capture and then use it to deploy your Minis closer to Hogger. Towards right side of him you will find three patrolling enemies (2 Gnoll Brutes and 1 Darkspear Troll) together with two stationed Murloc Tidehunters.

warcraft rumble beat hogger

So clearly the left side path is more helpful and thus your aim should be to destroy the Guard Tower and capture it. However you will first need to beat the three patrolling enemies who start moving towards your base as the game starts. You can use Gryphon Rider, Gnoll Brute and Darkspear Troll to get rid of them. You can also land S.A.F.E. Pilot behind your Minis or Troops so that she keeps attacking without taking damage while supporting your front troops.

warcraft rumble defeat hogger

The important thing to note is that you need to be quick to beat these enemies and then move towards the tower. This is because Hogger keeps spawning an enemy squad every 45 seconds and thus a new batch of enemies will also start coming towards your base from the Tower side.

You need to eliminate these new enemy units so that you could start attacking the tower. Make sure to provide more support to your existing troops by sending Gryphon Rider and Darkspear, so that they don’t get defeated.

warcraft rumble how to beat hogger

Remember that we need to start moving from right side of our Barracks (base) and move towards the left side of Hogger (towards tower). Therefore make sure not to change the direction of the blue arrow and accidentally take the right side path. Also, don’t forget to send out a miner troop so that he could collect Gold from the right side Gold Vein.

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In order to quickly take down the tower i highly recommend you to drop a S.A.F.E. Pilot over it. This will deal a huge amount of damage to the tower and with the help of your already existing troops you will be able to capture it quite easily. After the tower is destroyed, wait for the bar over it to fill completely before deploying any new troops.

warcraft rumble beating hogger

This is because you need to attack Hogger with as many troops as possible so that he doesn’t gets any chance to counterattack. In order to do that you must deploy as many troops as possible close to Hogger. This can only be done by capturing the tower and deploying troops there. For that you must first let the bar over it completely fill, only then the tower will be yours.

how to beat hogger warcraft rumble

When you attack Hogger with your full force in this way he won’t get any chance to survive and will be defeated within few seconds. So this is the strategy you need to use in order to beat Hogger. The great thing about this strategy is that your troops don’t need to be at high levels. All my troops were low levels when i defeated Hogger using this method.

In the video embedded below you can watch me using this strategy to beat Hogger at Elwynn Forest. In the video you can check exactly which troops i used at specific occasions. You can also check the levels of all my troops in the video to verify that they were at low levels while beating Hogger.

So this is how to beat Hogger in Warcraft Rumble. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Warcraft Rumble and other latest android games!

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