How To Get Gold In Warcraft Rumble (Best Gold Guide)!

How to get gold is one of the most asked questions by players in Warcraft Rumble mobile game. Gold is without doubt the most important currency in the game as it is required for purchasing Minis from G.R.I.D. at Store. You need to consistently keep earning gold if you want to upgrade the rarity of your Units to make them more stronger. However a lot of players have no idea about how to farm gold in the game. If you are also among those players then no need to worry anymore. In this gold guide i will tell you how to get gold in Warcraft Rumble in the easiest way. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Gold In Warcraft Rumble

Before learning about how to get gold there are few more important things you need to know first. Gold is actually not only used for purchasing Minis from G.R.I.D. There are some other uses of it as well. Like it can also be used for purchasing Tomes from Daily Offers section at Store tab.

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These Tomes present you pairs of Minis where you can select which Mini in the pair you want to grant XP to. Other than that you can also buy Leaders using gold from the same Daily Offers section. If you are looking for a leader from a specific family then just wait for the offers section to reset.

Another really important but often neglected use of gold is for moving Minis in the G.R.I.D. You should move Minis when you have an XP Boost available in the G.R.I.D. These XP Boosts provide bonus XP to any Mini in vertical or horizontal line with the boost.

warcraft rumble gold guide

So if there is a Mini you want to purchase and an XP boost is also available then make sure to move that Mini in line with the boost before purchasing. This way the Mini will get bonus XP and might gain more levels. The great thing is that it costs just 5 gold to move a Mini.

Now the important question is how do you get enough gold to be able to spend them on all the above mentioned ways. Well, the good thing is that the game provides you six ways to get gold. By using at least 3-4 of these ways you can have a consistent supply of gold. Below you can learn about these six ways to get gold in Warcraft Rumble.

1. The first and the most basic way to get gold is by completing missions at different locations on Map. Each of these missions provide you gold as a one time reward and the quantity of gold also increases with new locations. If you are stuck with any of these missions then make sure to search for it on this website as i have provided easiest ways to beat all bosses together with a video guide on each one.

2. Completing Heroic Campaigns is another great way to get more Gold. However if you are a new player then you won’t be able to access it yet because you need 50 Sigils to unlock this mode. However it shouldn’t take you more than a couple of weeks to get 50 Sigils if you use the Warcraft Rumble guides provided on this website.

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3. Another great opportunity to get a lot of free gold is by clearing missions in Arclight Surge. This is kind of a mini event in which two locations which you have already cleared will glow with blue lights. You have two and a half days to clear these missions (which have some modifiers) and obtain one time gold as a reward.

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Arclight Surge is available every Sunday and Wednesday in the game and it is highly recommended to participate in it. By fully clearing both zones in Arclight Surge you can get up to 400 free gold. If you are familiar with most troops and know how to use them in the game then it won’t take you more than an hour to clear both locations.

4. Playing in PvP mode is another really interesting and rewarding way to earn gold in Warcraft Rumble. You can get thousands of gold by winning PvP matches and increasing your PvP Rank. So try your best to strengthen your units and win as many PvP matches as you can.

how to get gold in warcraft rumble

5. One of the passive ways to gain some extra gold is by increasing your Collection Level. Every time your collection level is increased you get 50 gold as a reward. That might not seem like a lot but it adds up and can be helpful if you need just a little more gold for purchasing your favorite Mini.

warcraft rumble how to earn gold

6. The last and the fastest way to get gold is to buy packs, special offers or directly gold from in-game Store. If you are planning to buy some gold then i recommend waiting for some special offers to appear in the Store. These offers include Minis, Leaders, Tomes etc. together with gold and provide the best value.

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So this is how to get gold in Warcraft Rumble. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Warcraft Rumble and other latest android games!

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