How To Beat Rok’Alim The Pounder In Warcraft Rumble + Video Guide!

How to beat Rok’Alim is what a lot of players want to know in Warcraft Rumble mobile game. You need to defeat him as the second mission at Thousand Needles. A lot of players are having a hard time completing this Rok’Alim Mission. However he is not actually hard to beat. All you need to do is just use the correct strategy with right Minis and you will be able to defeat him. If you are also struggling to beat Rok’Alim then no need to worry anymore. In this Rok’Alim guide i won’t only tell you the best strategy to beat Rok’Alim The Pounder but also show you a video guide in which you can watch me beating Rok’Alim in Warcraft Rumble. So let’s check it out!

How To Beat Rok’Alim In Warcraft Rumble

The first thing you need to know is which path you need to take so that your units could reach Rok’Alim in the shortest time. The area has three possible paths to choose from. The first and the third paths are lower ones and are also connected at the center.

warcraft rumble rok'alim

The second path is the upper one and there is also a Guard Tower located on it. So it’s quite obvious that this second path is your best choice because you can easily deploy your troops closer to Rok’Alim after destroying and capturing the tower.

While progressing on this path in your attempt to capture the tower you need to also take care of enemies coming to your base through the first and third lower paths. You need to be specially cautious of Earth Elemental who is heavily armored and can cause a lot of damage to your barracks.

warcraft rumble rok'alim the pounder

However he is quite easy to get rid of since he attacks only towers. So you just need to deploy a few units near him on time and they will take care of him. As for the Guard Tower, the best and the easiest way to capture it is to deploy Charlga Razorflank, Pyromancer and Stonehoof Tauren at the center path.

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Stonehoof will charge towards the Guard Tower to cause a huge damage while Razorflank and Pyromancer provide him support from behind. These three units should be enough to take down the tower. If you still don’t succeed then simply also deploy Quilboar behind the tower and your task will be done.

warcraft rumble how to beat rok'alim

Once you have captured the tower, just start deploying your troops there so that they could attack Rok’Alim. However most of your troops won’t be able to even touch him due to the falling Earth Elements that Rok’Alim tumbles when he attacks.

The easiest way to tackle this issue is to simply deploy Quilboar right behind Rok’Alim when your units are about to reach him. This way Rock Elementals will fall upon Quilboar instead of your troops. This is the precious time during which your units can attack Rok’Alim. Stronger your Quilboar, more time your units will get to attack.

warcraft rumble rok'alim guide

That’s basically all you need to do and you will easily be able to complete this mission. If you are wondering about which other Minis you need to use then here is the full list of units i used for Rok’Alim The Pounder – Plague Farmer, Stonehoof Tauren, Pyromancer, Defias Bandits, Quilboar, Gryphon Rider with Charlga Razorflank as leader. Of course if you don’t have some of these Minis then no worries, just use other equivalent or better ones.

The best thing about this deck is that it’s average cost is just 2.3 which means you will be able to frequently deploy your units. In the video embedded below you can watch me using the strategy explained in this guide to beat Rok’Alim at Thousand Needles.

So this is how to beat Rok’Alim The Pounder in Warcraft Rumble. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Warcraft Rumble and other latest android games!

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