How To Sell Charms & Gems On Market In Diablo Immortal

How To Sell Charms is one of the most frequently asked questions by Diablo Immortal players. Not only this but many players also want to know the correct way to sell gems on Market. Without knowing the correct procedure you will always struggle while trying to sell items in the game. Therefore in this post i will explain you how to sell on market in Diablo Immortal. So let’s check it out!

How To Sell Charms In Diablo Immortal

Selling Charms can earn you a lot of platinum quickly, which would otherwise take you several days to obtain. However selling charms on the market is not that straightforward. In fact you can’t directly sell charms on market. In order to sell your charms you will first need to convert them into a skill stone. Below you can find the complete steps to convert your charms into a skill stone to sell on Market.

Step 1. Put at least 8 Simple Charms in your inventory and visit Charm Craftsman at Scribe’s Caravan in Westmarch.

diablo immortal how to sell charms

Step 2. Salvage those 8 charms of Rank 1 to obtain enough Alchemical Powder to Rank up your main charm to Rank 5

Step 3. Switch to “Upgrade” tab of Charm Craftsman and level up your main Charm to Rank 5 (Grand Charm) using the alchemical powder you just obtained

Step 4. Now Unequip your Rank 5 Grand Charm and switch to “Extract” tab at Charm Craftman to convert your Charm into a Skill Stone (it will cost 500 platinum)

diablo immortal sell charms

That’s it! you have now obtained a Skill Stone using your Charms which you can now easily sell on Market to get much more Platinum. You should set it’s price according to how many skills of the same class your skill stone has. If it has 2 or more skills from the same class then you can easily sell that for maximum price. But if it contains all skills from different classes then you should keep it’s price reasonable and not too high.

diablo immortal how to sell on market

How To Sell Gems On Market In Diablo Immortal

Selling gems is also not a straightforward process and you can only sell some very specific types of gems. You might have a lot of normal and legendary gems in your inventory but when you go to the Market you find that none of those gems show up for selling.

This is because you can’t sell gems obtained from Dungeons, Hidden Lairs, Battle Pass, purchased ones from Hilts Trader or anywhere else. You also can not sell a gem if you equip it even once! So make sure not to equip a gem if you intend to sell that on Market to earn platinum.

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The only Normal gems you can sell are the ones you obtain by killing mobs in open world zones. In order to increase your chances of getting normal gems from killing mobs you should play with a party of 4 members. When you play in a 4 players party you get a buff which greatly increases the drop chance of normal gems from mob/normal enemies in open world.

diablo immortal sell gems

These gems can be identified in your inventory by a market symbol at their top left side. This market symbol means those gems are sellable on market.

diablo immortal sell items

How To Sell Legendary Gems On Market In Diablo Immortal

You also can not sell all legendary gems. You can sell only 3 types of legendary gems which you can craft at Apprentice Jeweler in Westmarch. These 3 legendary gems are 1 star legendary gem, 2 star legendary gem and Random legendary gem. All these 3 gems require FA Runes to craft which can be obtained from Elder Rift.

diablo immortal selling gems

Again, make sure not to equip these gems if you want to sell them. Once equipped, they can’t be sold on the market. So this is how to sell charms and gems on Market in Diablo Immortal. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Diablo Immortal!

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