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How To Get A Mannequin In Last Day On Earth Survival!

Mannequin was added in version 1.11.8 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game. You can place it at your base and also equip him with backpack. You can place a maximum of 2 Mannequins on your base and it can even be recycled, however nobody should/would ever recycle it (this is just for your

How To Get Burglar Skills In 1.11.12 In Last Day On Earth Survival!

Burglar is a very important skill in Last Day On Earth Survival game. If you don’t have this skill then you will miss a lot of loot because you won’t be able to open the burglar chests found at zones and also locked doors at locations like Bunker Alfa, Blackport, Motel etc. These locked chests

How To Unlock Blackport PD (Police Station) In Last Day On Earth!

Blackport PD (Police Station) is one of the most important locations if you want to get Weapon Mods Blueprints and also the resources required to complete those Mods. However if you are a new player then this location should be missing on your Global Map in the game. In this post i will tell you

Download New RoadMap 3.0 For Last Day On Earth: Survival !

Just Click/Tap on the image below and then save it to your Mobile/Desktop to download this latest Roadmap 3.0 in full High Resolution released by Developers of Last Day On Earth Survival game! Text Example Important Message: You Can Now Get Premium Items of this Game for Absolutely Free! Download "AppKarma" Mobile App To Get

Last Day On Earth – New Location Motel Sneak Peeks !

In this post you can find the sneak peeks of the upcoming new location Motel in probably version 1.9.9 update in Last day On Earth Survival game. Below you can find all the 7 images posted by devs. In order to download any of the images, just tap on it and save it to your

Last Day On Earth Survival – Testing A Possible Glitch At Blackport Yard !

Blackport Yard is one of the most resource consuming sections of the game in Last Day On Earth Survival game. It takes too many Guns, Armors and Heals to clear all the zombie waves. So i thought about doing an experiment which would let us clear all the 99 waves using only spears and without

Last Day On Earth – Complete List of Tasks For Survival Guide In 1.9.7

Survival Guide has been added to the game in 1.9.7 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game. In order to claim the rewards from Survival guide you need to finish the tasks from Carlos Diary. Normally you get only 5 tasks added to the list everyday but below you can see the complete list

Last Day On Earth – Upgradable Melee Weapons + Development Roadmap!

In this post you can see and download the full high resolution images of upcoming feature of upgradable melee weapons and the development roadmap of Last Day On Earth Survival game. Tap/Click on the images below and zoom in to see the full resolution images. You can also save the images and download them to

Last Day On Earth – How To Find The Big One In 1.8.5!

The Big One has been removed from his home “Infected Forest” and replaced with a new boss “The Witch” in version 1.8.5 (1 Year Anniversary update) in Last Day On Earth Survival game. So many players started asking questions like what happened to The Big One? Where is The Big One now? Is The Big

Last Day On Earth – Benefit of Defeating The Witch At Infected Forest!

The Witch is a scary new boss at Infected Forest introduced in 1.8.5 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Defeating her can be a difficult task (for inexperienced players) hence many times they wonder if it is actually worth defeating her? Is it worth spending your guns, armors and heals? Well, in this