Snowsteps Toward Spring Event Guide & Tips!

Snowsteps Toward Spring is the newest limited time event released with version 2.5.4 update in mobile game. This event will be available for 6 days from 7th February to 12th February 2024. This event gives you a great chance to obtain new outfits for almost all regular survivors together with all kinds of valuable rewards like S Grade Equipment Choice, Epic Collectibles, Master Yang shards, Chaos Core, Eternal Core and more. If you are confused with any aspect of this event then you have come to the right place. In this post i will tell you everything you need to know about Snowsteps Toward Spring event in game. So let’s check it out! Snowsteps Toward Spring Event

You can access this event by tapping on “Event Center” button at right column and then choosing red colred home icon to open Snowsteps Toward Spring Event’s main screen. You will now see 4 buttons at the bottom of event screen which are Exchange Rewards, Re-select, Confirm and Obtained Dice. snowsteps toward spring

The first thing you need to do is to create a path to travel. You can do this by simply tapping on squares and making a path which could be connected in vertical and horizontal directions. You need to select total 15 squares to complete your path. snowsteps toward spring event

However you need to be careful while choosing squares. You will actually find three types or colors of chests inside each square. Each type of chest will give you some specific items as rewards therefore you should try to make a path which goes through best items giving chests.

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The green color chests are called Normal Chests and they give you the least valuable items. Purple chests are called Great Chests and they give you more better quality rewards. The red colored chests are called Exceptional Chests and give you the best items.

Other than some specific items, each chest also gives a specific amount of Fortune Coin which can be exchanged for new Outfits and best rewards by tapping on “Exchange Rewards” button. Below you can check which items can be obtained from each type of chest.

Normal Chest – 5 Fortune Coin + Good Equipment/Good Pet/Good Tech Part/Special Op Ticket/2x Designs

Great Chest – 10 Fortune Coin + Better Equipment/Better Pet/Better Tech Part/Better Pet Toy/Army Key

Exceptional Chest – 25 Fortune Coin + Excellent Equipment/Excellent Pet/Excellent Tech Part/Excellent Pet Toy/S Supply Key

Don’t worry if you select any unwanted squares while choosing your path as you can always tap on “Re-select” button to select the path again. Once you are satisfied with your chosen path just tap on Confirm button.

Now the next step is to throw the dice by tapping on “Start” button. The number you get on the dice is the number of steps your character will move. The chests placed on all squared covered by your character will then be claimed and opened to give you the items.

snowsteps toward spring event

However before you could throw the dice you will need to earn them first by tapping on “Obtained Dice” button. You will then need to complete certain tasks to get specific amount of dice. You can also purchase Dice and other items from limited time event specific packs called “Snowsteps Toward Spring Sale”.

So this is everything you need to know about Snowsteps Toward Spring event in game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on and other latest android games!

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