How To Unlock & Level Up Survivors (Tsukiyomi & Catnips) In!

Tsukiyomi and Catnips are the first two survivors released in mobile game. If you have no idea about these two survivors or even about the “Survivors” feature then don’t worry because i am going to tell you everything about it. This is a newly released feature and most players have no idea about how to unlock survivors or how to level up survivors. In this post i am going to tell you how to unlock Tsukiyomi and Catnips and then level them up in game. So let’s check it out!

About Survivors In

Before learning about how to unlock survivors and where to find them, first let’s get to know about “Survivors” feature. In the latest version 1.8.1 update developers have released an interesting new feature called “Survivors” which allows you to play with different characters. Till now you were only able to play with one default character but now it’s possible to play as different characters or survivors. how to unlock survivors

The default character known as “Common” is still available but two more characters Tsukiyomi and Catnips have also been added in the latest update. However you will first need to unlock the survivors before you could play with them and level them up. The default survivor called “Common” will be unlocked for everyone.

The great thing about these survivors is that they are not only cosmetic skins but each character can be leveled up to increase your ATK and HP. Together with that each survivor has it’s own Exclusive Skill and you can also unlock additional bonus effects on upgrading your survivors to level 40 and 80.

You can access Survivors by switching to “Equipment” tab and then tapping on the green colored “Survivors/Outfit” button under your character. If you don’t see this button in your game then it means you haven’t yet unlocked or obtained any survivor or outfit yet. In that case you must first obtain at least one outfit or survivor after that “Survivors/Outfit” button will be unlocked for you. Outfits can be obtained from limited time special events which are released once or twice a month and from daily discount shop.

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In order to level up survivors you will need a new resource called energy essence together with gold. I highly recommend checking out my energy essence guide to learn the best and fastest ways to farm energy essence and also exactly how to spend them to level up survivors. But before you could level up Survivors you will need to unlock them first. So just continue reading below to learn how to unlock different survivors. how to level up survivors

How To Unlock Tsukiyomi In

Tsukiyomi is the first new survivor released in the latest update. Her bio says “A cute but aloof girl who hates hassle. One of the few civilians who didn’t join the Hibernation Plan. So insanely skilled with a sword that she chose not to live in the underground shelter. It’s said that Steelgnasher’s chin and arm were cut off all because it interrupted her nap …” tsukiyomi

Tsukiyomi’s exclusive skill is called “Moonshade Slash” which is a powerful frontal slash and can be selected in a game while playing with her. If you are wondering how to unlock Tsukiyomi then let me tell you that she can only be obtained from Survivor Pass Season 1. So it seems like a new survivor will be released with each Survivor Pass in upcoming updates.

How To Unlock Catnips In

Catnips is the second new survivor added in this update. She is a cat character and her bio says “Honors student from the Purrfect College, once a human who worked in technological component research with a specialty in E Cell research. An accident occurred with the E Cells, hence the self-experimentation with feline fusion. Rescued by the Common Alliance while attacked by mutants, and began the frontline adventure as a field medic in the fight against the mutants …” catnips

Catnips’ exclusive skill is called “Medi-drone” which releases a healing zone and can be selected in a game just like other skills while playing with her. In order to unlock Catnips you will need to participate in 2022 Annual Christmas Carnival event and collect enough Santa Hats. This event will run for a week from 22nd December to 29th December 2022. Make sure not to miss this event because right now we don’t know if there will be another way to get these survivors in future or not.

So this is how to unlock survivors like Tsukiyomi and Catnips and also level them up in game. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on and other latest android games!

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