Diablo Immortal Zaerhud Spawn Location & Time (Complete Guide)!

Are you one of those who are unable to find Zaerhud location in Diablo Immortal? You are most probably looking for him because you want to complete Zaerhud achievement for Dark Wood to obtain 100 hilts as a reward. However you are finding it really hard to complete this achievement not because he is difficult to beat but instead you have no idea about where does Zaerhud spawn? Don’t worry anymore though because in this post i will tell you exactly where to find Zaerhud and how to beat him easily in Diablo Immortal. So let’s check it out!

Zaerhud Location In Diablo Immortal

You might obviously know that he spawns at Dark Wood but you might want to know exactly where in Dark Wood? So let’s check out exactly where is zaerhud at the zone. In order to find out Zaerhud spawn location you need to open Dark Wood map and check the area where “Dark Wood” is mentioned as a text (you will need to zoom in the map). You will find 3 trees denoted as dark spots in that area. Zaerhud spawns just next to the 2nd tree. In the image below you can find Zaerhud location marked with a red colored cross (which is just next to the 2nd tree as mentioned before).

diablo immortal zaerhud location

This is how you can find his spawn location on the map but you might be wondering how to identify that exact tree at the zone? How does that 2nd tree really looks? So in the image below you can see this tree where he will spawn.

diablo immortal dark wood zaerhud

In order to reach this location you can just open Dark Wood map and tap on this spot to navigate there. The closest waypoint to this spot is Tree of Inifuss Waypoint at Dark Wood.

Zaerhud Spawn Time In Diablo Immortal

So now you know where to find Zaerhud but you might also want to know when does he spawn? Well, his spawn frequency is about 30 minutes so once you or somebody else beats him, he will spawn again after 30 minutes only.

If you visit the above mentioned location and already find Zaerhud waiting there then you are lucky, you can simply beat him to complete this achievement. However if you don’t find him there then most probably some other player killed him already. In that case you must wait there for at least 30 minutes for him to spawn again.

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diablo immortal where is zaerhud

Zaerhud is a purple colored bear with 283,309 HP in Hell 2 difficulty. When he spawns, you will see a “New Event” notification on your screen. A “Wanted” side quest called “Defeat Zaerhud” will also appear at left side of your screen when he spawns.

You must also note that another bear called “Arag” also spawns at the exact same location. He also looks exactly the same as Zaerhud and also has same amount of HP. Even his attack mechanics are also exactly the same! The only way to differentiate between both bears is to check it’s name at the top of the screen and the name of Wanted quest. The Wanted quest for Zaerhud is called “Defeat Zaerhud” but when Arag spawns the quest will be called “Kill Arag”.

diablo immortal where to find zerhud

Since both bears spawn at the same spot, so you have a chance to find any of them when you visit there. The spawn frequency of both bears also seems to be 30 minutes but both of them seems to have their own separate spawn frequency. So if you find Arag while waiting for Zaerhud then make sure to come back again after 20-25 minutes. Keep repeating this step and you will eventually find Zaerhud after few tries.

Zaerhud Attack Pattern In Diablo Immortal

Although he is not very difficult to beat but it’s always helpful to have as much information as possible about your enemy before facing him. Zaerhud basically uses 3 types of attack. In the first type of attack he growls two times. His second growl will mark three small circular areas on the ground, which deals you damage if you stay inside them.

diablo immortal zaerhud spawn

After that he stomps both his hands on the ground once and then just attacks with his hands periodically. If you have a ranged character then you won’t take much damage since you can attack him from far. Even if you don’t have a strong character with more combat rating you can still beat him easily. Just keep consuming the health globes dropped by him and keep healing yourself.

So i hope now you know Zaerhud location and spawn time in Diablo Immortal. Please Make Sure to share this post and visit this Website everyday for more Tips, Tricks and Guides on Diablo Immortal!

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