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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Oak Planks! (Exact Location)

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, there are numerous items to be discovered and collected and one of such items are Oak Woods or Oak Planks. These are currently one of the most hardest ti find items and that is why most of the players want to know where to find oak woods in the game. So in this post we are going to tell you the exact location where you can get oak woods in Last Day On Earth Survival game.

How To Get Oak In Last Day On Earth Survival

You can find many items in the Blueprints section of the game which require Oak planks in order to be crafted. These items includes a Radio Tower, Clan Banner, Gunsmith Bench, Trip Wire Trap, Home Brewery etc. So you can see how important Oak planks really are at higher levels in the game. So let’s check out exactly how to obtain these oak planks.

The only way to obtain oak planks in the game is by building a “Woodworking Bench”.

last day on earth survival how to get oak

It is an awesome crafting object using which you can craft a variety of planks, including oak planks. When you open its recipes, you will find that it can craft 1 oak plank using 1 oak log or wood.

last day on earth survival how to get oak planks

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Now the question arises where to get these oak logs from? Well, there are certain locations on the global map in the game whose name clearly mentions that we can obtain oak logs from there. These locations are Oak Bushes and Oak Grove. It has also been confirmed by the legendary players of the game that these locations have mainly oak wood.

last day on earth survival how to get oak woods

Oak Bushes have a threat level of 1 while Oak Grove have a threat level of 2. So we can obtain the maximum quantity of oak woods at Oak Grove.

last day on earth how to get oak plank

But the problem is that both these locations are across the river and you can’t reach there without the help of an “ATV”. In order to build the ATV you need to be at least Level 18 and should have 25 Iron Bars, 20 pine planks, 15 wirings, 15 bolts and 10 duct tapes. So you can see there are so many items to collect in order to build it.

last day on earth how to get oak

Now, the problem is not in building it. You should be able to collect the above materials after a lot of exploration and then can build it successfully. But the thing is that after building it, you will then need to collect tons of its other parts in order to finalize it.

You will need to collect Rubber parts, Engine part, 100 Bolts, 100 Ball Bearings, ATV transmission, ATV gas tank, ATV Tarpaulin etc. etc. Many of these items are actually not yet available in the game and thus it is impossible to finalize the ATV and make it working.

last day on earth survival oak

Since, without the help of an ATV we can’t reach those locations and thus we can’t get oak logs in the game right now. So currently its useless to search for oak planks in the game until the missing parts of ATV are released in the game after further updates.

So the best thing you can do right now is to focus on other items in the blueprint which don’t require oak planks. It would also be a great idea to keep collecting as many parts of the ATV as you can. This way when all its parts are released, you will be able to quickly finalize your ATV and reach Oak Bushes or Oak Groves to collect your oak logs. After that you can put them on your woodworking bench to obtain your oak planks.

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