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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Copper Ore!

Copper in Last Day On Earth Survival game is one of the most rare resources. You will not need to use it directly, instead you need to transform it into a Copper Bar using the Melting Furnace and then can use it for crafting items like Repair Station, Electronic Circuit etc. After that it can also be transformed into other advanced type of resources and hence it is a very important resource in the game. In this post we are going to tell you how to farm the Copper in Last Day On Earth Survival game, so let’s check it out!

last day on earth copper

How To Get Copper In Last Day On Earth Survival

Currently they can only be found at the Yellow and Red Winter locations named “Wooded Foothills” and “Frosty Backwoods” respectively. If you are a new player then you might not see these locations on your map because you need to first repair the Watchtower to the far North of your base.

last day on earth copper ore locations

Remember that these are locations for advanced players and it is not recommended to go there without learning about many important details regarding these two locations. For that we recommend you to watch the video below in which you can learn about the most important things about these winter locations.


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You need a special type of Fur clothing to survive there otherwise you will freeze and die in no time. The zombies there are also very strong and different than the ones found in regular zones. You also need to know the correct strategy to farm copper at these locations, hence it is recommended to watch the video below in which we will show you exactly what things you need to go there with, how to locate copper deposits, how to defeat the enemies there, how to handle the NPC players and lots more! this video will definitely help you a lot so make sure to watch it!


In the future, may be we will have a few more ways to obtain them but currently the Winter zones are the only locations where you can find copper ore. There are also sometimes time limited special events where we can find copper ore or directly the copper bar but you can’t depend upon them for a consistent and regular supply of copper.

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