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Last Day On Earth – Top 5 Ways To Get Engine Parts!

We are quite sure that just like almost all players, you too have been looking for the Engine Parts in Last Day On Earth Survival game. It is one of the most difficult parts required to finalize the ATV and Chopper in the game. Just for ATV we need 200 engine parts, which looks almost impossible to collect because of their extremely low drop rate. Although we expect that their drop rate will increase with future updates, the great thing is that there are still ways to obtain engine parts in the game. So let’s check out the top 5 ways to get engine parts in Last Day On Earth.

How To Get Engine Parts In Last Day On earth

Below you can learn about the current best 5 ways to farm engine parts in Last Day On Earth game.

1. Coupon Boxes – By now you might already be aware of the 3 types of coupons found in the game called green, yellow and red coupons. These coupons can be redeemed for a Ration Box, Survival Kit and Combat Gear Box respectively at the Lobby of Bunker Alfa. These boxes have a really high chance of providing engine parts so start collecting as many of these coupons as you can right now.

last day on earth engine parts

2. Bunker Alfa – Bunker Alfa is the place of the most rarest items in the game and hence engine parts are not different. You can find a lot of loot boxes at various floors of the bunker and you have a good chance of finding engine parts inside them as well. It resets in 3 days so you have enough time to fully explore the bunker in several trips.

last day on earth engine parts location

3. NPC Bases and AI Survivors – You can find 3 NPC bases on your map, go there with lots of iron hatchets to break down level 2 walls and find some engine parts together with lots of other useful items. You will not find a lot of engines there but still some can be found. You can also sometimes found engine parts inside backpacks of AI players who attack you while exploring a region.

last day on earth engine parts where to find

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4. Air Drop Event – Engine parts have also been reported to be found at the air drop event. Check out the giant box there and you might find engine parts inside it. You will also find a weapon and a few coupons as well in it so its really worth it.

last day on earth how to get engine parts

5. Engineer Box – If you are a F2P player then its not for you but since it is still a way so we are mentioning it here. You can find a box called “Engineer” inside the transport section of game shop. By purchasing this box you have a chance of obtaining 5 engine parts. But since its not a guaranteed way to find engine parts so we don’t recommend to buy it if you are specifically looking for it.

last day on earth survival where to get engine parts

So these were the 5 possible ways to find engine parts in Last Day On Earth Survival game right now. We hope that the developers will make it a bit easier with good drop rate to find engine parts, so till then you can use the above mentioned ways to farm engine parts in the game.

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