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Last Day On Earth Survival – How To Get Red Coupons Fast!

As you might know that there are three types of coupons introduced in the game with the version 1.5.6. The most hardest and rarest of them are the Combat Gear Coupons or simply called the Red coupons. After collecting 30 of these coupons we can redeem a Combat Gear Box which is the best box we can obtain in the game right now. Below is a screenshot of what items you can expect to get out of these boxes.

last day on earth red coupons

How To Get Red Coupons In Last Day On Earth

There are currently 4 ways to get these coupons in the game. Some of them are a bit difficult than the others. Below we will look at all of them so you can choose which one you want to use according to your expertise in the game. Now lets look at how we can obtain these rare Red coupons in the game.

1. Bunker Alfa – This is the most well known way to obtain red coupons. You need to kill one of the most dangerous species of zombies, Frenzied Giants in order to get the red coupons. The best and the recommended way to beat Frenzied Giants for beginner level players is to use guns, however it is also possible to kill them using melee weapons but you need to be an expert level player to do so.

last day on earth survival red coupons


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2. Red Zones – The second way to obtain them is to explore the Red Zones on the global map. Unlike the bunker alfa, you need to look for them inside the loot crates instead of the corpses of zombies. As you might know that red zones are the most dangerous and hardest locations, so make sure you are equipped with some strong weapons and armors before entering these areas.

last day on earth how to get red coupons

3. Airdrop Event – You might periodically encounter these Airdrop Events in the game where you find a giant humanitarian aid box. If you are lucky then you might sometimes find a red coupon inside it. This is the second most easiest way to obtain them however the drop rate of red coupons is very low. So most of the times you might find a yellow coupon or even no coupon at all.

last day on earth combat gear box

4. NPC Player Base – There are 3 NPC bases on the global map right now. The names of these bases are different for each players but their location on the map are same for all. You need to head over to the North base (above the home base) and reach the crates by breaking down the level 2 walls using iron hatchets. However this is a one time loot only and if you have already explored that base then you will not find this coupon anymore.

last day on earth how to get combat gear box

So these were the 4 ways to collect red coupons in Last Day On Earth. As you can see that only Bunker Alfa and the Red Zones are the most recommended ways if you want a continuous supply of the red coupons. So get ready to explore these locations to farm the most number of red coupons and redeem your combat gear box.

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