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Power Rangers Legacy Wars Archive

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Lagging Issues? Here Is The Fix!

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, lagging is becoming a really common and frustrating issue for a lot of players. There are so many players who have reported that their game lags a lot which makes them lose their lots of hard earned medals and they get pushed to lower level Leagues. So in this post we

PR Legacy Wars – Didn’t Got Free Super Morph Box? (Season 2 Reward)

Power Rangers Legacy Wars recently got a new update which is being welcomed by most players of the game. Along with the new update many players have reported that they were rewarded with a free Super Morph Box by the game when they checked their game inbox in the morning after the update. However there

PR Legacy Wars – How To Instantly Find & Join Open Alliances!

If you have been trying to join an alliance in Power Rangers Legacy Wars then you might know that how hard it is to find an alliance which has “Open” status. Right now, most of the alliances you will find in the game will either be “Full”, closed for any more players or be “Invite

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Battle With Friends!

Power Rangers Legacy Wars is a really cool game and you might be wanting to enjoy this game with your close friends. So how do you battle with your friends in Power Rangers Legacy Wars? Well, in this post we will show you what you need to do to play with your friends in this game,

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get Orbs of Eltar (Guide)

Want to know how to get Orbs of Eltar in Power Rangers Legacy Wars? So in this post we are going to show you how you can get them in the game so that you can easily upgrade your warriors’ Special Abilities. In this post we will give you every single information about Orbs of Eltar

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get Green Ranger!

In this post we will show you how to get Green Ranger in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. There are so many cool rangers in the game and Green Ranger (also known as Tommy Oliver) is one of the coolest of them all. So let’s see how to get him in Power Rangers Legacy Wars. How To Get

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Alliance Guide & Tips

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Alliance is a place where you can unite with other players and help each other to make your progress faster in the game. Its a cool feature to keep you more engaged with the game and give you more stuffs to do other than fighting in PvP mode. In this post

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get Free Power Crystals (Guide)

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, Power Crystals are the single most important currency in the game. They are used for so many purposes in the game and if you have enough quantity of these in your account then your game progress will be much better than others. So in this post we are going to show

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – Morph Boxes Guide! (With Tips)

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Morph Boxes are the things that provide you all kind of stuffs in the game like power coins, power crystals, zeo shards for common, epic and rare warriors. There are a total of 7 types of Morph boxes in the game and in this guide we will explain about all of them. We will

Power Rangers Legacy Wars – How To Get New Warriors (Guide)

In Power Rangers Legacy Wars, there are so many cool warriors that you can unlock. In this post you will learn how to unlock and get new warriors or characters in the game. You can check out all warriors list to know about all the current ranger heroes and villains available in the game. So let’s