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Fire Emblem Heroes Archive

Fire Emblem Heroes – Here Is How To Easily Get 5 Star Characters!

Want to know about the best way to get 5 star characters in Fire Emblem Heroes? Then here we bring you this post where we will show you how you can summon guaranteed 5 star heroes quite easily. Here we will share our exclusive guide which will explain you step by step how you can

Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Michalis Max Level 40 Reached!

Welcome to a new Fire Emblem Heroes character upgrade review post. A youtube channel named Pheonixmaster1 succeeded in upgrading his 5 star Michalis hero to max level 40 and in this post we are going to explore lots of interesting stuffs about this maxed out Michalis. We will explore his final maxed out stats, his exclusive

Fire Emblem Heroes – How To Get Lots of Free Orbs Fast!

Are you looking for a way to get lots of free orbs in Fire Emblem Heroes? Then luckily for you in this post we are going to share an easy and fast way to get lots and lots of orbs, almost unlimited orbs without purchasing using money. This Fire Emblem Heroes orbs guide will show you

Fire Emblem Heroes – Ninian In Depth Review & Superb Tricks!

In this Fire Emblem Heroes Ninian review from Pheonixmaster1, we will be telling you how good Ninian really is. We will also tell you how easy or hard it is to max her out to level 40. You will also get to know about her best team-mates in the game who can support her and counters which she

Fire Emblem Heroes – Best Inheritance Guide (With Tricks & Tools)!

In this Fire Emblem Heroes Inheritance guide we are going to explain everything about this new mechanic in the game. We will teach you how it works, its advantages, disadvantages, tips, tricks, useful tools and many more. This is without doubt the best skill inheritance guide you can ever find. So let’s get started. Opinion On

Fire Emblem Heroes – Karel In Depth Review & Superb Tricks!

Welcome back to a new Fire Emblem Heroes post on mTurboGamer and in this post we will be exploring Pheonixmaster1’s review of Karel. I will be talking about how good Karel is and how easy or difficult it is to grind and level him up to level 40. I will also tell you some of the best

Fire Emblem Heroes – Making The Most Monstrous Effie Ever!

As you might already know that skill inheritance ability has been implemented in Fire Emblem Heroes. There is an argument about this new mechanics that whether it is advantageous or it is a disadvantage, we will mention about that in a new post. But till then, in this post we will show you how a

Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Karel Max Level 40 Reached!

Hey friends, in this exciting new Fire Emblem Heroes post we are going to explore a 5 Star and max level 40 Karel! I know all of you want to know the stats of a max level 5 star Karel in this game and that is why we bring you this post. Here we will

Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Priscilla Max Level 40 Reached!

Max level 40, 5 Star Priscilla is finally here. A user has succeeded in maxing out a 5 Star Priscilla and in this post we are going to look at her like her exclusive conversation, her different speakings or voices, her stats etc. So let’s look at level 40 Priscilla now. First of all when you reach level

Fire Emblem Heroes – 5 Star Anna Level 40 Reached

In Fire Emblem Heroes, Anna is quite a good character to have in your team. In this post we will explore the stats and all other things about a 5 Star Level 40 Anna character. Yes, a player has succeeded to level up his 5 star Anna to level 40 and shared her great stats,