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Clash Royale Archive

Clash Royale – “Bats” Card Stats, Gameplay & Review!

In this post we are going teach you everything about the new “Bats” card in Clash Royale. Here you will find the complete info, description and stats of this new Common card in this game. Not only this, but we also show you a complete gameplay video of Bats and a great review as well.

Clash Royale – Max Level 8 Pekka Gameplay & Stats!

Most of the Clash Royale fans want to see a max level Pekka in action! It would be actually pretty interesting to see how strong a maxed out pekka would be. So we have got a video below for you where a player first levels up his low level Pekka to max level 8 and

Clash Royale New Legendary Arena 11 Review + Hog Mountain

Today we’re looking at the new “Legendary Arena 11” in Clash Royale. The old legendary arena (Arena 10) at 3,000 trophies is now going to be called “Hog Mountain” and it is going to be the location of the new level 1 Heal spell that you can get from that location. The new Legendary Arena 11

Clash Royale – New “Bandit” Legendary Card Analysis

Today we are going to be talking about one of the new legendary cards coming really soon to Clash Royale, the Bandit. She is a legendary card which has 3 elixir cost and her description says – “The Bandit dashes to her target and delivers an extra big hit! While dashing, she can’t be touched. The

Clash Royale – Graveyard Level 4 In Action!

Welcome back to a new post on Clash Royale. We are really excited to bring you this post because now we are going to show you gameplay of a level 4 Graveyard Card in Clash Royale. If you have your own graveyard card and you want it to upgrade to level 4 then it is

Clash Royale Opening Hand Strategy and Tips 2017

Your opening hand in Clash Royale can completely change the outcome of the battle, so it is important to know opening hand strategy and what card to play at the beginning of each match. Today’s article will be all about playing the correct card and some tips I have to make sure you guys get

Clash Royale February 2017 Update LEAKED!

The newest Clash Royale update has been leaked! This new update should be dropping around February 14th, but we know all the details to this update which features a ton of new cards, mostly in the new Jungle Arena. I’m super excited about this update as it will add some sweet card into Clash Royale!

Clash Royale – Most Meta Deck 2017 #1: Elite Barbs, Hog, Ice Golem Deck

Welcome to a new series about Clash Royale, going over the most meta deck of each week! In Clash Royale, the meta is constantly changing and in week 1 of this new series, we are seeing elite barbarians, ice golem, and hog over and over again. So today, I have the seemingly OP EB-hog-IG deck

Clash Royale – How to Get a Level 10 Clan Chest

The recent addition of clan chests into Clash Royale has made getting cards much easier, especially if you are able to get a level 10 clan chest within the one week period. Today, I’ll be showing you guys how to get this level 10 clan chest and some strategies you can have for getting the

Clash Royale Elite Barbarians Cycle – Snowballing Deck for Arena 8+

Heeey what’s up guys! It’s Zigge here with the Elite Barbarians Cycle deck. Elite Barbarians are definitely the best card right now in Clash Royale after the huge buff. They are even more popular than the Mega Minion (from what I’ve seen). Anyways, let’s see how the deck works! Elite Barbarian Cycle Deck Pros Very