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What Do You Get After Defeating Nian Boss? Last Day On Earth

Version 1.7.6 has been released in Last Day On Earth Survival game. This is a Chinese New Year special update which added a new limited time event in the game called “Silent Abode”. There is a new boss called “Nian” who can be found roaming around the right region of the Silent Abode location. In this post we are going to tell you what happens and what do you get if you defeat the Nian boss in version 1.7.6. So let’s check it out!

Last Day On Earth Survival Nian Boss

Nian is the third zombie boss added to the game after “The Big One” and “The Blind One“. He has 1000 HP just like other bosses. However his speed is slower as compared to other bosses. One more major difference is that unlike the Big One and The Blind One, Nian zombie can not be defeated. If you try to hit him using any weapons, he gets no damage but if he attacks you then you will get damage, so don’t try to roam around him.

last day on earth nian

Although its not possible to defeat him as he gets no damage from any weapons available in the game. But still, there are some players (or i should say h@ckers) who have succeeded in defeating him. So you might be wondering what weapon did they used and what did they got after beating him?

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Well, the player whom i am talking about, was able to beat Nian boss using a simple bow (due to h@ck) and he didn’t got any exclusive cards or rewards after defeating him. As soon as he defeated Nian, another one spawned and it kept happening over and over. You can watch the video below to know more about what happens after you beat Nian boss.


So you can see its not possible and also not worth it to defeat Nian boss in version 1.7.6 update in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Hope you like this post so please make sure to share this post with your friends using the social media buttons below.

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