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Last Day On Earth – How To Get Tactical Backpack!

Tactical Backpack in Last Day On Earth Survival game is the most advanced backpack which can hold even more items than a Military backpack. In this post we will tell you if it is really possible to obtain this backpack in the game, if yes then how. So let’s check it out!

How To Get Tactical Backpack In Last Day On Earth

As of right now, tactical backpack is officially not available in the game but starting from version 1.7 it is actually possible to obtain a Tactical backpack through raiding players’ bases. Raiders event has been added to the game in version 1.7 which allows us to raid and steal items from other players bases and if you unluckily land into a hacker’s base then you can find tactical backpack and various other unreleased items inside storage boxes at his base.

last day on earth tactical backpack

But we want to warn you to not to pickup any unreleased items while raiding because if you do so then the game’s auto detect feature will mark you as a hacker and you may permanently lose your account. So even though it is possible to find a tactical backpack in the game, but it is not recommended to pick it up and use. In the video below you can see how a player found a tactical backpack while raiding.


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So hope you found this post helpful and learnt if it is really possible to get a tactical backpack in the game. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends at whatsapp, facebook and twitter using the social media buttons below.

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