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Last Day On Earth – How To Expand Your Backpack (Carry More)!

Having a bigger inventory space provides you a great benefit in the game. If you can expand your backpack then you can carry much more items with you before going to a quest and you can also bring much more items back to your home base after farming them from various zones. In this post we are going to tell you how to increase your backpack or inventory storage capacity. So let’s check it out!

How To Expand Backpack In Last Day On Earth

When you start as a new player, you can craft a basic backpack which adds 5 more slots in your inventory. Soon after you reach higher levels and need to craft many other items, you will feel shortage of space in your inventory.

In that case you will need to craft a Military Backpack. When you equip a military backpack, you will have 10 additional slots in your inventory so you will now be able to hold much more items and have a bigger inventory.

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Another way to increase inventory space or carry more items is to build and finalize a Chopper. A Chopper has 4 storage slots in it where you can keep your items. The most difficult thing in completing a Chopper is to find its Gas Tank. So make sure to check out our post on How to get Chopper Gas Tank to learn about a simple and effective trick to get your Gas Tank quickly.

If you craft a Military Backpack and also finalize your chopper then you will have a lot of space in your inventory to hold tons of items. In this video below you can watch us crafting and equipping the Military Backpack.


So this is how you can increase your inventory or backpack storage in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Hope you liked this guide, so please make sure to check out and Subscribe to our Youtube channel because we post exclusive tricks and guides for this game everyday there.

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