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Last Day On Earth – How To Enter Bunker Bravo (+More)!

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, Bunker Bravo is currently the 2nd accessible Bunker after Bunker Alfa. Although this bunker is not as large as bunker Alfa but still you can get a lot of items from there (only once). It is expected that in the future, developers will modify the Bravo and add more stuffs to it but right now there are no floors in it. In this post we will tell you how to enter Bunker Bravo. So let’s check it out!

How To Enter Bunker Bravo In Last Day On Earth

When you reach the entry gate on Bunker Bravo you will find that it asks for “CAC Card B”. Every bunker in the game requires such a card when you open it for the first time. So you need to find a “Common Access Card B” or “CAC Card B” in order to open the gate.

How To Get CAC Card B

Obtaining this card is not really difficult. This card can easily be found near the zombies that you beat at the green, yellow or red zones on the map. Bigger zombies like Toxic Abominations and Floater Bloaters at Yellow and Red zones have a higher chance of dropping this card. So make sure to target these and you should soon find this card in one of them.

After obtaining this card, go to Bunker Bravo and insert it at the entry gate slot and the gate will open. But beware before entering, because there will be lots and lots of fast biters and floater bloaters waiting for you inside. They all will run towards you and attack you as soon as you enter the gate.

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If you are an unexperienced player and don’t know how to handle such a large number of zombies at once then it is not recommended to go to Bunker Bravo. However, if you are an intermediate or experienced player then you can beat these zombies to get some good items inside the military boxes there. It will be easier for you if you go there with some guns.

So this is how you can enter and explore the Bunker Bravo in Last Day On Earth Survival game. Hope you liked this guide, so make sure to check out and Subscribe to our Youtube channel because we post exclusive tricks and guides for this game everyday there.

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